Hue Dimmer keeps disconnecting with built in driver


Glad to hear they stuck, and cheers for the tip off. Thats 3 more dimmers and 3 more 1m extensions ordered :+1:


I should also mention that if you want a similar-ish device, the "5-button" (Lutron technically calls them 3-button with raise/lower buttons) Pico remotes are pretty cheap and can be configured to provide similar functionality, plus they fit into standard decorator/rocker wall plates. (Note that I'm in the US, so plates and prices in other regions may be different.) You do, however, need the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro to make them work with Hubitat (cheapest I can find that new is around $88 USD, but it pays for itself after enough Picos :slight_smile: ).


Yeah, we don't get any of those here :cry:


You can actually buy the Picos here in the UK, but they are expensive at about £22. And Lutron refuse to release an EU version of the Smart Bridge Pro. In July they did finally released an EU version of the Lutron RA 2 Select Main Repeater, which will do the same job, but that is more expensive. The cheapest I could find that is £194. So at those prices I decided Hue is a better option.


Unfortunately changing the Zigbee channel has completely messed up all my other Zigbee devices, with many now only intermittently connecting. Even the motion sensor right next to the hub seems to disconnect half of the time.

Any ideas why this started happening? Should I change the channel back?


I’m too impatient on the allowing things to reconnect of their own accord. If I change my channel, I re-pair all manually.


I figured after a whole day it would be done. The odd thing is my motion sensors worked sometimes. Almost like they connected ok using the new channel, and then after some time would stop. Perhaps they were connecting back to a repeater still on the old channel?

I've reset my two repeaters, and that seems to have sorted things, so fingers crossed they all stay connected now.

Is there a way to see which devices are connected to which repeaters?


Yes, but not with Hubitat alone. You'll need a Xbee module paired to Hubitat connected via USB to a Linux, macOS, or Windows computer running XCTU (which you'll already have from configuring the Xbee initially). See: Everything Xbee

This may be more work than you want to do just for this. But they are fantastic repeaters themselves if you decide to do it. :slight_smile:


I’ve just seen this thread - I’ve also reported similar problems with Hue Dimmer (Multiple Hue Dimmer Switch Issue) and I still continue to get disconnects of both dimmer switches. One dimmer is less than 1m away from HE and the other around 5m with various lights and repeaters in between. Last disconnect was 11:30pm last night - no reboot of HE or anything at the time, it’s just stopped working.
HE staff - can we get some time with this one to get it sorted? It’s definitely an issue that needs sorting.
(Just as an FYI, my hub is on the latest firmware
@mike.maxwell - thought I would tag you in this as you said in one of the other posts in my thread you haven’t seen this behaviour before (I think the fact of 2 dimmers on one system might have been a red herring and not related to the issues?)
@ElectronicFur - are you still getting this issue?

Multiple Hue Dimmer Switch Issue

I thought I'd post my issue as well to confirm behavior. I was having the same issue with 2 Hue Dimmers. I followed the advice about switching channels and they have been solid since. However, my Xiaomi "Original" Buttons will not stay connected now. They were rock solid on channel 21 for a couple of weeks. I have been jumping around the channels to try to find one for all. I tried all the Hue channels(except for 25, Hue Hub) as these seem to be the only ones my dimmers stay connected on. But when my Hue dimmers stick, the Xiaomi buttons drop after a while. Just to make sure I changed the batteries on the buttons, repaired them a foot away from the hub and left them there. They seem to drop pretty quickly, although, I couldn't say how long that is. I really like those cheap Xiaomi buttons but have already replaced them with Samsung buttons.


I'm still getting this issue unfortunately. The Hue dimmers stay connected for about a day and then disconnected.

I even tried a putting a Zigbee power socket close by one of the dimmers, so it acts as a repeater, but it hasn't solved things.

I haven't unwrapped the other ones I bought as the two I have are so unreliable that they are unusable at the moment.


I’ve just noticed my Hue bridge is actually on channel 25 and so is my Zigbee stick in HE :thinking: think I might change Hue bridge to 11 or 15 channel and leave HE on 25 to see if I get disconnects. Maybe changing down you Hue bridge to a much lower channel might help with the Xiaomi if you pop that around 25?


That's a good idea. I did think about it but my Hue system has been so stable for so long, even switching over from ST, I really didn't want to. Although, I don't foresee any issues with doing it. I just switched over a few weeks ago and the dimmers were the last things, so I just finished up the channel jumping a couple of days ago. I'm going to try switching the Hue channel at the end of the week.


It's not the channel. I have issues as well. It says it's disconnected, but just hasnt checked in. Something weird is going on with the built in hue driver. Also, see other threads where this is the case.


I was having the same issue. My Hubitat hub was on channel 16. Another thread recommended changing it. I don't recall all of the options,(11,15,20,25 I think) but ever since I changed my channel to 15 I've not had a problem. Channel 16 would last maybe a minute. Channel 15 has been rock solid for over a week. My hub is on the opposite side of my house so it's not proximity, it's the channel. Tested by switching back to 16 and the dimmer disconnect almost immediately. Back to channel 15 and I have a working dimmer and happy wife.


Something weird is definitely going on but when sticking to channels that Hue supports, my dimmers stick. Weirder still, I picked up one of my Xiaomi buttons this morning to move it, inadvertently pressed it and it worked. I am back to channel 20. Sadly, with all the channel hopping and re-pairing of the buttons, I cannot remember if I re-paired it the last time when I went back to channel 20 or if it was still on that channel from previous testing. I originally would use all my buttons to test but that got old quick and started using just one. All my other Zigbee devices(non Xiaomi) found the new channels surprisingly quickly but I had to re-pair my X' devices to get them on the channel. Just for reference my only other X' devices are the cubes. Which I have had no problems with at all. I'll see if the button is still on when I get home today.


@michael.l.nelson that’s interesting. What channel is the hue bridge on?
Also, do you have Hue Motion sensors?


No motion sensors. I'll check the Hue bridge channel tonight.


My Hue bridge is on channel 25.


I have 2 Hue Motion Sensors at the moment.