Hue Dimmer keeps disconnecting with built in driver


These things are finicky regarding channels..
Mine wouldn't pair for nothing on channel 20, tried another dev hub on channel 15, no problem, paired and unpaired it 3 times.


@CAZ interesting you have motion sensors. Just curious if you ever get issues with the sensor not picking up motion (ie the red led doesn’t light up)? Is your HE Zigbee antennae channels running on the same as the Hue bridge? Until a few days ago, both my HE huh and Hue bridge were on the same channel (which I hadn’t realised) and every now and then the motion sensors didn’t pick up motion. I also wondered if the dimmer was seeing problems because channels all being on same.


@mike.maxwell as of right now my Hue bridge is on 15 and HE is on 25. I might swap them round (HE to 15) and see if that makes a difference - last night I had to rest both my dimmers again as neither responded. I’ve looked in logs etc and still can’t see why they are just stopping. This morning I’ve tried both dimmers and neither are working, this is aroun 12 hours after last reset and there has been no reboot is bridge/hubs etc. Apart from time lapse, the only things that have gone on is mode changes - Night, morning and away (along with HSM arming for night and away). I’ve just done a test to see if mode change/HSM change is what is knocking the dimmer out and I can report it isn’t


I haven't had any issues with my hue sensors. I did not check them when i was channel hopping but my HE is now on 20 and Hue is on 25 and has been. My dimmers seemed to be fine as long as I stayed on channels that hue supports. When I first paired them and they kept falling off, HE was on 21 at the time. I didn't change the hue channel as planned because my Xiaomi button has not fallen off in the last 3 days, soooooo.........yeah.


I tried 25 for my Hubitat Hub and my NYCE door hinge stopped working. That was the only device that's given me a problem with a channel besides the dimmer. So heads up if you use them.


Thanks @michael.l.nelson. My setup of 15 Hue bridge and 25 HE hub hasn’t gone according to plan. Dimmers still drop off a couple of hours later. Reversing channels per device was just a no go - devices just didn’t work well at all. Might try Hue on 15 still and 20 for HE


Wait...if you have the Hue Hub, then is the dimmer disconnecting from Hubitat or from the Hue?


From Hubitat for me


I have my Hue on 15 and HE on 20 too. I’ve three dimmers on HE. I’ve not had any real issues with them, apart from speed of execution really (could be a little faster though).

That said, they are controlling 10 Ikea GU10s in the kitchen, and some Ikea bulbs in the office. Maybe this has helped keeping them connected, as the Ikea bulbs maybe repeating for them (I have no Xbee to verify this though). I do have 3 more dimmers to add, unsure where they’ll sit as yet, HE or Hue.


I have my Hue on channel 20 and Hubitat on 11.

I dont think lack of repeaters is an issue though, because even if I leave a dimmer next to the Hubitat or a repeater, it still disconnects after about a day.


I remember back on ST there were two community drivers for these. One ZLL the other ZHA. I used the latter, along the way I found that the dimmers would change their address. I had to pair mine 4 times before they stuck, there was quite a long thread on this. I did dig into it and found a knack of pairing them, I’ll see if I can find it. It may be of some help.

Here it is. I paired them twice but without removing. Might be worth a go?


@Royskiso just to get this right, pair the dimmer 3 times, straight after each other and also set the device ID so it has the same ID on each pairing? I can’t say I’ve noticed the device id name change but haven’t really looked for it


Under ST they did change, which I found very odd. It was almost like ST was treating the dimmer as 4 separate buttons. But once I did the re-pair thing (only twice BTW I think from memory), the second without searching for devices, they stuck.

I cant remember what channel my ST was on, and its unplugged now, but 21 springs to mind.


i Did the following last night:

  1. Tried the dimmer - same as usual; it didn’t work.
  2. In HE, go to Device Discovery, push a pin into the dimmer for 10 seconds until the light flashes green/red.
  3. Wait for the lights to stop flashing on dimmer.
  4. With the same discovery page open (and still discovering), put pin into dimmer again. At this point the red light just kept flashing away on the dimmer on and off. Repeated that about 5 times between 3 seconds and 10 seconds held down the pin and eventually the dimmer did the green/red flash to confirm its paired.

Just need to see what is happening when I get home today. I also made a note of the ID just in case that changes.

If there is still the problem of the dimmer loosing connection over the course of a few hours, is there any other way to get the hue dimmer turning on/off devices on HE when the dimmer is paired direct to Hue Bridge? Basically one dimmer at the moment turns off a LIFX bulb and turns on 2 ST power adapters (which have lights plugged in) when pressing the ON button on the dimmer


Hope it holds!

There was this app for ST which exposes the devices connected directly to Hue. I had to use this when one update completely screwed the DTH up, Although it would take some work to port it, I'd love to say I'm capable, but sadly not :slight_smile:

I'm an idiot, it was the DNI which changed, I read back through the posts. :frowning:


Damn damn damn. Got home and the dimmer doesn’t work. The device network id, zigbee id and everything else is still the same. It must be bad code. I think we need some HE dev support with this one as it’s happening to everyone and it’s HE drivers


I’ve paired another today, and that’s been fine. The two in the kitchen have been fine for ages. It’s completely bizarre that mine are ok, but others aren’t.


Show off :wink:


Well I have found another way round the problem - I have HomeBridge running and being as Hue now is natively HomeKit supported, Ive programmed the dimmer to flip a virtual HE switch to perform the tasks I wanted by ABC


Not everybody. My dimer has worked for two weeks now that I changed my ZigBee channel. Hubitat on 15, Hue on 25. Dimmer paired to Hubitat. I have a repeater (ZigBee outlet) in the room so that could be helping it stay connected. I had to walk it over to the hub to get it to pair.