Hubitat webCoRE - piston backup code

Hi @nh.schottfam
I would like to ask if there is any possibilities to create a piston that will save pistons backup codes to variable from all my active pistons.
I'm asking because there is no option/possibilities to backup pistons in Hubitat webcore due to the size issues.
I'm aware that there is an option to restore from hub backup but it require to restore everything and not just one or two particular piston.
I had a situation when by mistake I deleted a piston and had to restore just deleted one and not the whole hub. I liked the webcore backup option on ST to backup all the pistons and be able to restore whatever I want without restoring the whole hub.

If above is not possible on Hubitat I'm imagine if there can be developed such a cmd/function like "Save piston backup code".

This could be done. need to decide how to represent it.

It could be a map of code: pistonName?

I assume you want to match the piston name ?

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I think piston name with path format like we use it when pausing or resuming pistons should be ok.

I'm a little confused here.
If you delete a piston there is no need to restore the hub.
I backup them up in webCore and can restore them individually from the WC backup file just like in ST.
Did I miss something here in the issue he is having?

@dnickel that's correct in case you backup pistons one by one but in my case I have 70+ pistons it's impossible to keep them backup. In Hubitat webcore there is a space limitation to backup pistons. Some of my pistons have 20 chunks so I'm not even able to backup them via webcore function "backup pinston".
To have an option to create a piston that will save to variable the pistons backup codes I don't need to backup anything just keep the variable output and send its content to my email.

as you create pistons one at a time, they should be available on the webcore server (if you created it with automatic backup). Editing the piston should update the backup.

Where you have problem is trying to 'backup piston(s)' to a backup file AND you select a large number of pistons (this is related to HE limits on data returned to on web calls using their cloud connector.

@ipaterson. Can you comment more on automatic backups, and if this setting can be changed after a piston is created?

Ah, I was wondering of you might be eluding to that but I thought that issue was only if you had a particularly large piston; seems you do! I have been lucky then, 66 pistons and most are written efficiently and called or reused by function so size doesn't get too big.

The dashboard is not able to provide that list without fetching each piston individually like it does for a backup file. Instead, you may be able to grab the backup bin codes from the Hubitat dashboard. My hub is barely ever working so I can't access it now to verify but at least on the ST side you will see each piston as a smart app and the smart app details show the private bin code.

I strongly discourage relying on the backup bin codes. Since the data is encrypted it may not be restorable if you have to get a new hub. The server is hosted by ady624 so it could go away when ST drops webCoRE support. A backup file is the only portable and reliable copy of your pistons.

Since ady624 is still the sole owner of the WC code hopefully when ST drops Groovy he will still keep the server going; we all need the Dashboard to edit.
Either that or a subscription model. I can't magine HE (or my former ST) without WC as RM doesn't cut it for mildly complex situations and the ease of straight forward coding.

Hi @ipaterson
Are there any possibilities to deploy webCoRE as a docker container to NAS?

If yes, will that solve my issue to use webcore option "Backup Pistons" without any limitation?
Is there any documentation or guide how to deploy such a solution and also if docker solution exist is it possible to maintain it by the latest fixes/versions like v0.3.113 please?

I am not familiar with the exact limitation that prevents Backup Piston from working for HE, but since backing up pistons involves only your browser connecting to the smart apps on your hub it makes no difference where or how the webCoRE dashboard is hosted.

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The latest webcore does not have a restriction in backing up all pistons from the webCoRE IDE.

There is more information on using webCoRE IDE for backup and restore: