Hubitat update ( wiped my static IP addresses

Hubitat update ( wiped my static IP addresses, thus losing connection with upstream home automation manager. Very frustrating!! Couldn't even log in to Hubitat via web. LANSCAN provided DCHP IP addresses, allowing me to access my H-C8 Pro, and fix the IP address issue. Found that the static address had remained in the settings, but I had to re-select 'switch to static' and reboot to get things back to normal. Unimpressed!!

Tagging @gopher.ny on this issue.

Related to your situation: Obviously the update process should not affect your fixed IP settings on the hub, but wanted to note that setting an IP reservation on your router is the preferred option for any device on your network for which you want to have a consistent IP.

Unless there is a reason you cannot set IP reservations on your router, I would suggest that you use this "opportunity" to do so. :slight_smile: Having IP addresses managed by the router will be more reliable, avoid potential IP conflicts, etc. You can reserve the same IP address you're currently setting on the router if you want to, so your connections will be maintained. Just a friendly suggestion.


I lost the static IP on all three of mine after this update as well.

On the C7 and C8 they dropped off during the boot after the driver update portion of the restart.

On the C8 Pro it actually came up, presented the UI and then a bit later, dropped off.

I just updated both my C7 and C8 Pro to the .138 since both failed in the last 2 days with the C7 database corrupting and the C8 locking up without logging a reason why. I figured it was best to get them both updated.

The hub didn't come back up at the correct IP after the update, so I found the new IP and checked its network settings where it still showed the correct static IP settings. I had to click "Save and switch to static IP" and then reboot to have it take effect.

I was using static IP on my C8 Pro due to this issue: C-8 Pro - local DNS fails after DHCP lease renews, but this issue may have just solved that one. I just realized I had the same MAC address listed for both hubs in the router reservations. I'm surprised it allowed that (running OpenWRT). I'm going to switch back to DHCP and see if I have any issues.

I do believe in fixing IP addresses for certain network objects. But saying dhcp reservation is "preferred"? There are pros and cons to using dhcp reservations. The real issue here is that the Hubitat shouldn't switch off its Ip address. Mine did as well. And as an interesting note, mine doesn't obey the dhcp reservation I set it to in the router. So... something is amiss with the IP stack. Can you work around it? Sure. But still - something is not quite right with the IP stack.

It IS preferred. Anybody who works in IT will tell you that best practice is to use DHCP reservations on the router to assign a fixed address to a device. There are a number of reasons. Prime among them is ease of troubleshooting when your router dies and you need to plug in a new one and easily connect to your devices.


Yes they shouldn't, it was apparently a bug, not sure how or why but I doubt it was intentional.

That is a unique issue, works fine for the majority of people. The only issue I know about is there are certain subnet masks that might cause troubles with the DHCP. I do not recall if they got all of that fixed by now or not.


Had the same issue on my C8 Pro. I thought it was bricked and had to get the ladder out to go up into the loft. Physically rebooted it while I was there but ended up finding it in the app search function and saw it was on DHCP. Settings page still listed the static IP so just changed it and rebooted. Everything seems ok phew!

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Not sure how this issue sneaked through. It was reported in the beta.

I don't see any posts about it in the beta section, unless someone mentioned it in the giant thread regarding the database engine update. Which would not have been the proper place to report it and would be easy to miss. There is only one other post from the recent beta round, and its not about a static IP.

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Odd, I don't remember seeing that. Can you send me a PM w/a link to the post?

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Just updated mine from - .133 to .138
Hub is set to fixed 100 and dhcp router set to static IP for HUB using mac.
everything was fine with network after update, ¯\(ツ)


Believe @Vettester mentioned that he'd lost his settings, but that was the only one that I recall seeing and would have been real easy to miss (I had completely forgotten about it until I saw this) as we were concerned about CPU, memory and a little about DB size.


Found it - it was as you suggested, it got lost in the giant thread on the database engine. Both C5 hubs, interestingly. It was @Vettester who posted below:

@gopher.ny @bobbyD : Another data point on losing fixed IP set on the hub after the .138 update. Good memory, @kevin.

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This issue was actually reported 3 times within that thread.

Screen Shot 2024-04-09 at 4.03.52 PM


Excellent, thanks for the additional details. Should help getting this tracked down. We should have separated the networking issues from the known database/cpu/memory issues that the giant topic was focused on. :slight_smile:

And... this is why I always make all separate issues in a new thread. I hate the giant beta megathreads of various issues reported in various replies, and I have no idea how the devs keep it all straight.


I think I get why it happens now... fix is coming.
A hub reboot should bring static IP back, too, on its own.


New build has dropped with the fix. Thanks @gopher.ny!


There may be a more responsive dev team somewhere in the universe, but I kinda doubt it. :wink: