website & Cobra GitHub

I was never THAT naive! :slight_smile:
Actually, I'm about to scrap that login and use a different, even more secure one :slight_smile:
You will need additional codes to register but there will be some 'public' pages too.


5 hacker points go to @Shaneb for finding the registration page and registering.. :slight_smile:

Registration page now removed and Shane's account deleted
(I get an email when people register :slight_smile: )

It will be ready when it's ready :slight_smile:


@Cobra curiosity got the better of me, although I am far from a hacker...Just saw someone joking about logging in...

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I'm very late to the party on this one, but ended up on this thread after failing to find Andy's Device Reset App this evening.

Just wanted to echo many previous comments here but also add my thanks and best wishes to @Cobra who's library of HE Apps I have used over the last year since I made the plunge to Hubitat.



Andy, just want to say from an old guy that recently retired and trying to keep his mind active, that you've been a TRUE gentleman in helping me and , from what I read, many others in this community. I use your Presence Central and love it. I'm not a coder and I'm new to this Hub thing, I had to reach out to you and you were gracious enough to take the time to help me get the app up and running. You've also helped me when I've posted questions in the community. Take heart in that MANY MANY of us APPRECIATE your time, and your dedication in helping us and providing your services. Whatever the future brings, I hope you find peace in knowing there's many more of us that appreciate your work then those who disagree or disapprove. All the BEST!


Wow, it is really unfortunate that you have been pushed to this degree. I was just about to ramp up what im doing and was hoping to try some of your stufff. But I totall understand why your feel the way you do. If you do it becasue you want to and you enjoy it, and someone says or does something that reduces that enjoyment, why bother? I would probabbly do the same thing.
I dont think we've ever directly interacted, but Ii know and truley appreciate how much of an asset you are to the comunity,