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Them are fight'n words !

wow... I was really looking forward to seeing your container - I doubt anything I say here will be positive so I'll just keep my eyes open in hopes you decide to share again. Thank you Andy for your contributions - I found snips of your code all across the world!

Sorry to hear you’ve been getting grief Andy. Thank you again for all you’ve written to help the community. The internet is a cesspool with a few nice people swimming in it. I just generally avoid the turds. Hope you can find a way to do the same.

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I just came across this thread. I feel your decision is perfectly reasonable and I support you 100%.
Its a shame folks pushed you to this as I've found your apps superior to most others I've seen

I do not agree with the complainers, I will say I recently downloaded your SuperTile app and was a little surprised when I read the license. However you were providing a free app and only asking us to not "steal" your code. Seemed reasonable to me.

That said, I fully understand your frustration, I post in the Arduino/General Electronics forum as hardware is my specialty. I try to understand and help the new / younger folks as they need more TLC. All too often I see disparaging remarks about the readers question or my answer. I usually ignore them, although its difficult at times.

I guess my point is you are trying to help people and its very disheartening to have to deal with the ignorant / boorish / infantile... etc folks.

Just a thought to think of when dealing with that ilk of folks;

"It's much better to deal with a lot of stupid people that deal with a lot of smart folks" As you read this consider where you would rather be in the intelligence ratings.



LOL dang it... I find myself now wanting / needing a few of your apps now Cobra... Grrr :slight_smile:

Watch this space....


all I know, is that now, more than ever, it is a time for good people to help each other, as the world in general, seems to be tearing itself apart.
we are lucky to have a community like this!
this is a lovely oasis on the internet..
Andy. I feel for you!! some people, the more you give, the more they expect!
the more they get upset if you don't pander to their particular "need"
I very nearly walked away from something I have been involved with for over thirty years, for similar reasons.
in the end, I decided to ignore the fools, and get as much pleasure out of what I do as I can.. in the end, all we are, is the things we do for others.
in the end, that is all that matters
Love and Peace


@Cobra don't let the Enema Bags that are complaining get you down. I love your apps and hope to see you come back. I myself you know sure don't mind paying for them & a lot of folks here are behind you & want your apps back. Your contributions will be sorely missed!

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I’m perplexed that the licensing terms of Andy’s code is an issue for anyone.

@Cobra - a beer on me :beers:


Thank you very much Dan! :slight_smile:

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I am a couple of weeks new to HE but have been a ST user for some time. I am still planning my migration and am only about 1/3 of the way there, but in my opinion, anyone who was giving you H@!! about your policies or decisions needs to immediately apologize, This Home Automation community is what it is today, only because of dedicated hobbyists, professionals, and enthusiasts like you. As far as I can tell, you are "THE MAN" here on Hubitat, much like a handful of people were on Smartthings. Some of those great guys have moved over to HE and it is great to see.

I hope you bring back your code. It is missed.



@Cobra: What. He. Said. Your intellectual property, your choices.

And I'll say this. Once your anger passes, or maybe just recedes a little, I hope you'll come to see that there are many many many of us who have benefited from your apps over time who greatly appreciate your work. And I'd like to think these Many far outweigh the Few naysayers.

Andy, I had a mentor many years ago who used to say, "You can observe behaviors, but you can never assign motives. When people assign motivates to you, all you can do is brush them aside and move on with the rest of world. Whatever you decide, best of luck.

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hmm, this is new, isn't it? :thinking: :tada:



@Cobra showed that to me yesterday and I have to say that I can't WAIT to see what he's done with the new site.

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so weird that the default..
U: Admin
P: Password
worked for me and I had a look around, great job @Cobra :wink:

Insert fishing emoji


Oops. I haven't tried it but if the logon and password is as you've said perhaps you should delete it in case somebody with poor intensions gets on there. :wink:

And it's not nearly April fool's. :joy: