website & Cobra GitHub

A couple have people have messaged me/posted that my website and github repository are unavailable.
Thanks for letting me know but it is intentional

There have been a few people questioning my motives recently, telling me that I have no right to change the license terms for my code, and telling me that, if I don’t want to release ‘open source’ code, then I should not release at all.

It’s just getting to me atm, so, I have decided to remove all apps/drivers from github and remove the content from the website

I may return it behind a ‘members only’ website, with code released under my ‘non apache’ license

Or I may not.. I haven’t decided yet.

Currently, I am not be working on any new releases, bug fixes, updates etc
Support for existing code will be extremely limited until I calm down



Wow. That's a real shame Andy. I've found you to be extremely helpful and open to feature requests from people like myself who cannot code nor have the inclination for this old dog to learn new tricks.
If you write the code then it is solely down to you under which licensing agreement you decide to release it.

For those people that are questioning Andy motives, then shame on you and take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror and question your own motives.

Chin up Andy and as my late Father used to say "Don't let the bxstxrds grind you down".


I am sorry to hear that. As a non-developer I appreciate all your efforts to help out the community, and personally I believe you should have the right to share your work with or without whatever restrictions you choose. It’s your work after all.

Thanks again for all you’ve shared with the hubitat community!


Bloody hell. So sorry to hear of your situation Andy.
I cannot fathom how anyone could be critical or ungrateful for the generosity that you’ve shown not only through your awesome apps but in your general assistance and responsiveness.

My good thoughts are with you.


To be honest Nic, it has been building up for a few weeks.
I really don’t want the hassle and don’t have the energy or inclination to argue about it.
I don’t release my apps & drivers to make money
If I wanted that then I would have charged for them (I may even do that at a later date)
And I’m not forcing anyone to install/use them so I’m surprised by some of the reactions I have had.

If anyone has made a donation and feels that they made a mistake, or feels aggrieved that I have withdrawn everything, then please send me a PM with their paypal details and I will immediately refund any payment they have made.



We love you man.


You might not if I start charging :slight_smile:


You're obviously entitled to do whatever you want with your code. I fundamentally believe that, and 100% support that.

I will say, though, that pulling your code because a few people have a different opinion than you is unfortunate.

If you were doing it for external validation, you were always going to be disappointed - it is the internet, you could give away free money and there will still be some people angry it wasn't enough/done the right way :smile:.

And if not for external validation, then who gives a rip what others say about it?

Anyway, good luck. I hope you change your mind after a break, but fully understand if you don't.


It’s a little more than that.
I’m p****d off having to try and explain myself all the time.
Really can’t be bothered anymore.

I have not done it for any such reason.

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I get that. Completely. It is actually one of the reasons I don't release most (95% probably) of the Hubitat (and other) apps I write for personal use. I don't want to put in the support time - or receive feature requests, truth be told.

I think you've done a bang up job with both the code and support of it in your personal time.


Yeah, mine’s probably 50%
I still have lots of stuff that I didn’t release, like music apps and hue button apps etc.
I really don’t want to get all the feature requests etc.
Roy (@Royski) and I have quite a few useful apps & drivers that we have designed but I have not released, for the same reasons that you don’t release all your stuff.


Well you and Roy are 3x the men I am based on what you HAVE chosen to support externally. Kudos!

I've thought multiple times about dumping some of my apps out on a completely unsupported basis, and let the community take it and run. But when I've done that on other platforms, it never seemed to go anywhere - even when there was interest. There is a decent hurdle to jump in taking over someone else's code - we all write in different styles.

Anyway, sorry for derailing your thread.

Keep up the good work! I hope you change your mind in the future, or are able to find a less aggravating way to share the code. :smile:

While I don't use any of your main apps, I've written plenty of my own apps/drivers that were inspired by seeing how you tackled various problems in your code. I've learned a lot from you, and genuinely appreciate it!


Thanks for all the great apps you put out there and supported for such a long time! Sucks to see you go. Hope you’ll be back better than before, and for the rest:


Andy, For what's it's worth, we have always appreciated your generosity with your apps and helping people. It's been our view that your apps are a great contribution to Hubitat. We're sorry to see you pull them, and truly wish you'd reconsider.

To everyone else who happens upon this, Andy has always made his apps and drivers available to others with our complete approval, and there has never been any question as to his integrity and generosity. We fully appreciate his right to put whatever license on his code as he chooses, and others should certainly respect his choices in this regard.


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@Cobra Just wanted to say thanks for all you've done. This is yet another classic example of a few entitled a$$holes ruining it for the masses. And if you never put out another app or driver your contributions to the community are undeniable. Thanks again.


I can't believe this has come up again. @Cobra, the community by and large is with you on this. There are quite a few of your apps that I planned to play with when I had the time. I've been staying away from as much 3rd party stuff as possible to preserve my hub stability and my sanity...but one of the few 3rd party sources I felt was based on rock solid code was yours. Hopefully this passes and your code returns with whatever stipulations you feel appropriate. Anyone complaining should feel free to write their own apps and drivers and stop whining about the fact that their free gift didn't come with a shiny red ribbon.


This. A hundred times over.

@Cobra - Andy, I'm sorry your code has been stolen in the past (I know that's happened), and I'm sorry there are individuals who have harshly criticized your choice of software licenses.



You are a true gent and have helped myself and my system more than I can say, since moving to HE. I’ve been privileged to have been able to help beta test your apps and code, and have enjoyed every bit of it.

I too hope this passes and those who have pushed things this way learn from it. :+1:
Whichever way it goes mate, I’m with you 100%.


@Royski Please know that your hard work and contributions have been greatly appreciated as well!