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Don't let a few bad apples ruin the party... You're an integral part of this community, of which benefits greatly from your contributions, both on the forum and through your code... I hope you can take the time you need and come back to us in whatever capacity suits you best. Thank you for everything you've contributed thus far.


I for one am very thankful for @cobra. My goals as a novice programmer is to learn potential better ways to solve a problem. He has helped me a lot on my NOAA Weather Alerts pertaining to features I want to do better with but can't wrap my head around. Personally I am very happy that someone who creates unique solutions to our Hubitat issues and many times the HE Staff take inspiration and incorporate the ideas into the platform. Hence why he is truly an ambassador to this community.

Hope this passes and he does go down a path similar to RBoy over at ST. Then whoever keeps complaining about his IP and "open source" can pay up and shut up to have access to some really incredible and thoughtful applications. AND he would have grounds to prevent developers from stealing his IP.


Hi Andy just keep an eye on your health mate with all the issues you have had over the last few months don't let the buggers get to you
With you 110%
Which ever way you see fit mate
And as all of above your code and help has bean greatly appreciated


Piling on with the others. Totally respect your decision. Hope you reconsider. Am behind you 100% whatever you decide. Thank you for all you’ve done for us!


I use alot of your apps daily @Cobra and the donation I made was a reflection of that in appreciation for all your hard work and support.
Its the third party apps like cobras that fill in our personal needs for the HA space we all like to play in. Sorry to hear that "internet" people have gotten the better of you, you shouldn't have to feel the need to defend yourself or your code.


I don't understand the people complaining. I admit I have asked community developers for bug fixes and feature additions to their apps, I hope that I have always done it in a polite way and not as a demand. I don't expect full tech support like a paid app, but it is nice when they can update or add features as their time permits.

The open source stuff appears confusing to me. As a casual user, and not a code writer, open source really isn't open? I understand not plagiarizing from my connections with education, but maybe there needs to be something more explicit somewhere about what constitutes plagiarism? Perhaps there needs to be a more formal way to grant permissions to end users? The old checkbox and "I will use this only for personal use" statement or something.

There doesn't seem to be any or very little penalty for copying others work either. At the very least, should the community ban a user who copies something without permission? Maybe ban someone if they won't take down plagiarized work? I'm not sure how that would all work though and maybe the leaders turn a blind eye on purpose so they don't have to take sides legally or otherwise.

Anyhow, I appreciate the people who can write code and are willing to share it. I am a dummy in this area, but trying to learn all the time. Sorry others aren't appreciative of your or other developer's work. I sympathize with you about others not being grateful of your work, or understanding what you do, I deal with that issue everyday.



It sounds to me like you need to start charging. Plain and simple.


I'm sorry to hear that. Unless you want it otherwise this is a hobby. Don't do it if it's no longer fun, is what I say. I hope you're able to find the joy again whether as a Developer or a plain old Owner like me. Enjoy your time away, you of all people have earned it.


This just makes me sad. It's @Cobra's code and he should be allowed to do whatever he wants with it. Nobody else is being forced to use it. And those who think it should be open source are certainly free to write their own and make it so. Andy was incredibly helpful and responsive when I asked for a feature. I'm so sorry to lose this kind of wonderful resource just because of a few selfish bad apples. But I absolutely understand why and support that decision.


@Cobra I would personally like a path to pay to use your apps. I don’t currently, I have been going down this path slowly, learning, and taking a lot in, but some of your apps have been on the short list to install and use. I am fine with paying people for their work, and found it to be a blessing to have access to so many talented individuals work. I am on an arduous journey to learn how to code, mostly for this platform, but @ogiewon has revamped my interest in Arduino, so even more to learn. I know that it will be many years before I get to a place to even sort of come close to what Andy has been able to create, or @dan.t, or @srwhite, or the others that have made HE the place to be. This type of development and work makes this HA addiction that we all suffer from practical. Let’s face it, HE is good on its own, but it would be so much more limited without these types of apps. Please consider a “members only” option, a place where people that actually appreciate what you do, so they can still use your code, instead of removing your talents from the mix.


I too want to add my support for Andy, who has helped me many, many times during my HE ownership and I have used many of his apps over the years. Anyone who has caused him to get to this point should be ashamed of themselves.


I personally feel he should be charging for some of his more premium apps.

I think it’s fair to considered his time he has put into all this.

If it was me, I would charge. Nothing crazy. Premium bigger apps $15.


@Cobra Im sorry :frowning:


There is nothing for you to be sorry about :slight_smile:


I really do appreciate the sentiments of everyone posting support for me.

Things will change but the apps/driver will be back at some point..
(When I have calmed down a bit)
Maybe a members only site or something - I might just put everything back dunno yet

All releases in future will be under my new license agreement
If people don't like it 'Tough'

I will always retain the right to license my releases however I see fit.
If anyone has a problem with that then they can do one! :slight_smile:

Nobody is forcing anyone to use anything I have created.

If they want to continue using apps that were released under 'open source' licensing then that's fine.
All releases & updates in future will be under my new license agreement
If people don't like it 'Tough'

Again, I thank you all for your support.



It's my fault. I should have never posted that code. I knew better and will remove it from that thread even though I had your permission.


Scott, this was not really related.
I gave you permission to use that code and nothing you have done influenced my decision to pull my code from github and pull the website down.
This has been brewing for months now :slight_smile:



Wow are we doing this again?


Hahaha... not really :slight_smile:


Bloody oath !
(Sorry if that offended the sensitive)