Hubitat Mobile App Released


will this be in the computer or in the phone? could you provide steps on how to do it ? in the phone I tried but did not find where to do it


On your phone, hit Settings 》》 Apps 》》 Hubitat 》》 Storage.


We have been able to reproduce the increasing geofence issue. For now it appear it only occurs if you set it to the absolute minimum. But given that it only happens due to yet unknown reasons while the app is in the background we are still investigating the cause and then we can find a solution.

This is a planned feature down the road. You can access all the device notifications in dashboard event history in settings advanced or via adding a tile for the mobile app device and viewing them there as well.


ok I have done the steps and will confirm if it fixes the problem


but now the history only show few logs right? is it configurable to set it to show more logs in the history ?


It is a fixed amount of events. There is no option to configure it at this time.


Regarding clearing the cache and data to avoid the geofence area to automatically increase I have completed the steps and after the full day I think that probably it increased from 25% to 30% the diameter but probably could be just my perception so I would leave it for some more days to see if is obvious the diameter auto increased.
Now the problem is that when I deleted the data, cleared the cached and reinstall the app my phone was identified as a new device so the push notifications are not showing up so I would have to fix all the rules and point them to my new phone name detected. I was told as well in a ticket I raised that I should not change the phone device name as it can cause those problems so if we are not supposed to change the phone name to something different can the app just grey off the field until it is supported?


So I am yet to find the hitch in my two iphones here.
The mrs phone has been rock solid since app launch reporting fence, except til yesterday when it stopped. I checked her app and it had signed itself out ?
The only other thing I can find that is different is my phone in HE didnt have a user defined device tag where hers did. I have updated it with a tag and waiting to see. My device reports fence for 2 days or so and then stops, doesnt sign out, doesnt toggle the fence, just doesnt report all the time.


Well before installing the new update I cleared cache, data, rebooted phone and reinstalled the app. Well today the geofence circle reset itself from about 25% where I had it set back to the default. So it does not look like it's only affected when setting the circle to the minimum.


How do you get rid of pushover? I'm getting duplicates of most notifications.


You have to go into your apps and re-direct output on a app by app basis.


just saw the iOS update, downloading now.


I grabbed it a little earlier and just as before it seems to be working fine for me +1:


I know I'm probably getting ahead of myself, but are there any plans to add Android widgets to the app at any point in the future? A simple widget that would allow toggling a device or seeing a device status would be the last feature I need to finally switch all my devices off of SmartThings.


Isn't that exactiy what a dashboard does?


I've been using AutomateIt and Maker Api for my Widgets. Works great. Gives me buttons on the phone screen to turn on things quickly without having to open a dashboard.


Android app is currently timing out when trying to login. Had to logout and back in again due to dashboard failing to load. Logging in give me a spinning "Please wait...Fetching user's data" screen, which eventually times out with an error that just says "Error".

Phone has been rebooted, app cache cleared, etc. Nothing seems to be working. This might be the last straw that makes me switch back to Pushover for notifications.

Update: Now I get the following error - url:
code: 504


Just logged on to mine to see if it was a general issue and when it opened I got a notification about some changes. Clicked too quickly so didn't get to fully read it.
Then got the dashboard etc. to load OK.
Maybe some sort of update was going on.
Is it still playing up?


Yup, Still a no go.


Keep in mind, logging in requires communication with your hub to get the list of dashboards and the list of mobile devices.

It is most likely that your hub is offline or the connection between it is interrupted.

Try rebooting your hub and see if that solves the issue.