Hubitat Mobile App Released


If you have multiple hubs, Pushover is still very useful. Since the Hubitat Mobile App can only be paired to one HE hub, only that hub can generate push notifications to the mobile app. With Pushover, all hubs can create Pushover messages, and even NodeRed can create Pushover messages.

It all depends on your requirements. It is really nice to have options!


Thanks for info.


I definitely prefer the smaller circle on my android to the larger one on ios.

Android was really simple to get going but ios had lots of issues.

  • Adding the account wasn't straight forward.
  • Hubitat app gets stuck on loading mobile devices.
  • Most irritating, it says (even though it is set to always) that background location info isn't enabled...


@matt.klueppel can you share how you did the debounce rule?


Sure.. Let me dig it up in a bit. Working at the moment


I have implemented de-bounce on many inputs in two different ways.

First : RM version
In this scenario:
I use Fing box to detect my phone.
IFTTT sets the state of ( IFTTT_TriggerMattHomeAway "Virtual Switch" ) my input into HE.
RM debounce rule sets the ( MattK_Present a "Virtual Presence with Switch" ) to finally determine my home/away status.

Since there is a long chain of devices between my phone and HE
(the de-bounce was necessary, as it only takes a blip of indeterminacy anywhere in this chain to cause brief state changes, which we are trying to eliminate)

Phone Wifi => Wifi Access Point => Wired network => Fing Box => Fing Cloud => IFTTT Cloud => HE

I frequently use "Zone Motion Controller" as general purpose timers / debounce circuits

In this scenario I use a Zone Motion controller to detect if any doors have opened in the last 10 minutes.

I use (Door activity Switch a "Virtual Motion with Sensor") device to capture the state of all my doors opening / closing .

Catch any door opening to strobe the door activity switch, and re-trigger the zone controller.

Once any door opens you have 10 minutes before that state of the zone controller returns to false.

I have used multiple presense sensors into a zone motion controller for aggregation as well, with minimum tweaking.

Make sense?


@patrick Is there an update for the iOS app coming soon that addressed the issue of Geofence turning itself off?

The alarm set itself this morning when my fiancée left while I was still at home. I really don’t want to go back to SmartThings geolocation.




Yes, it's in beta testing now, along with a few other fixes. However, release timing is not up to us, it has to be reviewed by Apple.


Okies ty Patrick
I was just seeing what was the issue with the iOS app, as the Geofence keeps turning itself off :wink:


Thank you.



Anything on the horizon for Android and more specifically the Pixel line which seems to be heavily plagued?



The next update to Android will be rolling out shortly as well.


Thanks Patrick

Looking forward to the release and the release notes




@patrick -
***** 5 STARS given! An excellent app for an excellent platform. This app has performed perfectly for me from day 1. Thanks! :smiley:


The geofence area diameter will automatically increase. Every time I open the app I notice that the diameter is a bit bigger than what last time was until it reaches the max possible size. How to fix it?


Aldo, I am not seeing that after opening the app several times.

What Device and OS



Samsung S8 with Android. I have reported this problem by sendig email to Hubitat support team and they mentioned it was a known issue but as a new version if the app just was released I was expecting to see this fixed but no, is still happening the same. Today's morning I set the diameter to 1/4 of the possible max size and now after 6 hours was automatically adjusted to almost 1/2 of the possible max size


Have you tried logging out, clearing the device data and starting clean. Potentially removing the app and reinstalling.

This is not something we can produce, but we do not have that specific model of phone, but if you could provide the OS level, we can test against that android version to see if its something specific to that.


I have logged out and logged in, actually the app every 4 - 5 days ask me again to enter my credentials which is another issue that I have reported as is annoying to be entering again and again my info, I would like just to be always signed in.

My Android version is 9, patch level Apr 1, 2019, there is a lot of other information such as kernel version, build number, knox version, not sure what if this data is needed, let me know I can share.

The incident I reported through email was assigned to #13314 in case you want to take a look, as Bobby mentioned it was a known issue being reviewed and worked by the engineers