Hubitat Mobile App Released


@patrick can you confirm that multiple geolocations is in the wish list please. A few of us have hubs at different properties and would like the app to properly respect/understand their location (right now the app controls a single geolocation and doesn't respect the geolocation of the hub set in its admin pages). I want to be able to at least receive notifications and be able to execute triggers for either hub's location for multiple users (eg. wife and I) and ideally multiple other locations too (eg. work). Appreciate it's complicated and will take time but just want to ensure these issues are understood and at least being considered so that I don't have to cobble together other approaches (multiple accounts etc).

Thank you for the great work you guys do and the open dialogue with development. It's highly valued.


I just noticed another issue, not sure if anyone has experience this also but my app just logged out on its own. This has happen 2 times now, I go to open the Hubitat app and its just logged out. I log back in and select the device and everything is fine. This is on a Pixel 2 XL Android 9.0 latest updates.


Yeah. Mine does too.
I don't think it matters though.
My presence has been working fine, open app and I'm logged out.
This leads me to believe it doesn't matter.
I know with the webCoRE mobile app once it was all set up you could close it down and it would still work OK as it would run in the background.


Yeah but my presence wasn't working that is how I noticed the app was logged out because it didn't trigger away mode. So I opened the app and saw that it was logged out, as soon as I logged in it triggered that I was away.


Patrick, I don't know much about TestFlight except that I use it for Beta testing with another company and I believe it would allow you to bypass some of the apple restrictions for Beta testing but I have no idea if the cost would be feasible to setup on your end.

Everything has been working great until the last two days when my phone has turned off the Geofencing setting twice so I look forward to the update!



My wifes P2 XL (Pie) registered her leaving today, for the first time in a week.... and ZERO changes where made on my end as I have stopped fiddling with it.

I setup 2 RM Rules, one to "Push" me when her L360 registers here coming/going, the other rule to do the same for HE and today, I got both when over the past week, it's only been the L360 working.

Incidentally, they both registered at the same exact min, when I first installed the mobile app, HE would always be recognized 2-4 mins after mine or L360. No mine doesn't work at all

Not sure what this means....


We use testflight for our internal and alpha testers. But for a wider scale beta Apple controls the keys to do it only after they approve the code.


In my experience there’s only a delay for beta approval on the first build of a new App Store version. Subsequent uploads of that same version are approved for public beta within a few minutes. We don’t have a huge number of testers so maybe they aren’t so strict on us.


same problem, was working great, now not updating at all.


For the past 2 days, it's been prefect at detecting our activity which is weird b/c I haven't done anything.

Also noticed yesterday that it was picking us up much further out from our geofence on both leaving and returning. Just checked my Geofence this morning and guess what, it's back to the default size.

I believe a comment was made early on that while the size in the app may show as different than what you set, the actual setting did change.... well now I have to disagree.



Spoke too soon. Today while in the shower, my phone, sitting on the counter, was detected as leaving and arriving, within 1 min.

Sure hope the team finds something... very soon



Noticed that the phones are still not changing from present to not present when they leave the geozone. I had to have my wife open, wait a few seconds, and then close the app (wife at work) to get it to show she was not present at home.
Is this supposed to have been fixed in the latest upgrade? If so there is still an issue. I am on thanks


The presence sensing is working OK for me (Huawei Nova 2) and my wife (S7) but the geofence still keeps resetting itself to a bigger circle. Getting really annoyed with this now.
Has anybody seen any feedback on any of the raised issues? I cannot recall seeing anything.


I added a debounce rule in RM and it has resolved 99.9% of my problems. I started with a 15 second debounce, and now upped it to 60 seconds last week. No false triggers since. Was pretty easy to implement.


With the new Hubitat Mobile App, do we still have the 10 messages per day limit?
Because I can now see my phone as part of the Notification Devices list.



10 messages a day limit still applies to only sms messages. There is no limit on push messages at this time.



So I have no more need for Pushover, right?


Up to you. Some like pushover.


If you have multiple hubs, Pushover is still very useful. Since the Hubitat Mobile App can only be paired to one HE hub, only that hub can generate push notifications to the mobile app. With Pushover, all hubs can create Pushover messages, and even NodeRed can create Pushover messages.

It all depends on your requirements. It is really nice to have options!


Thanks for info.