Hubitat in Europe (Germany) with Eurotronics Radiator Thermostats

Hi all,
before I buy a Hubitat Elevation. I wanted to know if anyone can tell me if the following thermostats are compatible and if they are which would be the better choice?

Eurotronic Z-Wave Plus Heizkörperthermostat:

Eurotronic Spirit ZigBee Heizkörperthermostat:


Neither of these units have been tested or even tried with Hubitat as far as I know.
The Zigbee unit has a higher probability of working with one of our built in zigbee thermostat drivers (there are 4 or 5 of them), having said that however there's no way for us to tell you that it will work with one of the stock drivers.

I use the Danfoss LC-13 Z-Wave units in Ireland. I've 17 of them installed. Battery life not great.

Thanks for the infos.
I have asked the manufacturer of the thermostat if they have tested it with the HE but I guess they haven't becuase it is not CE certified (IS this going to happen sometime soon?).
Following information I got from theeir webseite (google translated):
Spirit ZigBee is a ZigBee wireless standard-compatible energy-saving regulator. As a radiator thermostat, Spirit ZigBee uses the Home Automation Profile 1.2 as an HVAC-compatible device.
Depending on the mode, the energy-saving regulator can be used as a heating thermostat or act as a pure actuator when the control is deactivated. The temperature measured by the internal sensor or the position of the valve actuator can be reported back to the appropriate gateway via ZigBee. ( Spirit ZigBee | EUROTRONIC Technology GmbH)
So basically I am now asking: Does HE support the Home Automation Profile 1.2 and HVAC-compatible devices?

@julian maybe you should rename the thread so people with those devices don't have to stumble over your question. Chances are higher to get an answer.


I use Eurotronic Z-Wave Plus with Generic Z-Wave Thermostat and everything and it works OK.

another topics:

good idea - thx

good news - anyone been as succesful with the zigbee version?


Thanks for the info once again. I have no reply from the manufacturer - I will purchase a HE and the Thermostats in the Zigbee version. It sounds like I can't go wrong with the Hubitat anyway :slight_smile:

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I am just testing one zigbee version now and is not working. At some point was seen as device but on thermostat side was not connected. I will play a bit with it and is is not working I will send it back and buy a z-wave version

no luck :frowning:

oh no,
I'm gutted,.I got the zigbee thermostat yesterday, no hubitat yet - It will have to go back
Thanks for sharing the info

i received and installed today the Z-wave version of thermosastat. Is working :).
One thing I do not like is: this thermostat is not telling you if is iddle or not.
One of my other thermostats:
thermostatOperatingMode: idle
and this one

But one is for floor heating and this one is for radiator

I'm using z-wave version - it's "working" with generic z-wave device but how I wrote "work" because you can get more form device (notification, different thermostat modes then in generic and two way of thermostat setpoint). It will be great to have properly drives for this popular in Europe trv

Yes it would be great to have dedicated drivers to this thermostat

What driver are you using?, the other thermostat you have which tell you the status... What thermostat are?


Hello with genetic driver can you put on rule machine off, heat, and temperature of the valve?

Hello this lot you have the valve? I have one from 1 month, on Amazon people post after a year the motor fails!, I want to by 17 but.. If after a year the valve doesn't work...


I've over one year - for now they are working