Z-Wave Eurotronic comet Smart Radiator Thermostat

Am I on a no hoper trying to get this to be discovered and work? I have managed to get one of two excluded, but not discovered.

Anyone had any luck?

OK finally got them to respond and set up as a generic thermostat. all goo so far. My Z-wave mesh is I think poor, so not fully responding, but getting closer.

Still hitting a wall with this, if anyone can help please.

The pollDevice is still at pending. apart from the initial communication with the unit, there as been nothing, and as far as I can tell the unit has no radio signal icon showing, if that is required. I have emailed eurotronic.org so will post if I have anything.
for the record I havce moved one close to the hub. No effect.

data says

  • deviceType: 2
  • inClusters: 0x20,0x26,0x31,0x40,0x43,0x77,0x80,0x84,0x72,0x86
  • deviceId: 1
  • manufacturer: 328

If that helps

I had the same problem with Danfoss LC-13 until I found the right driver.
Perhaps you can try this [Port] Enhanced Z-Wave Thermostat (CT-100 w/ Humidity and Time Update)
I used it for my Spirit Z-Wave (Eurotronic) but now it works with generic driver.
It won't hurt :slight_smile:

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Wonderful! Banged that driver in as I shot out of the door for the weekend end and I have returned to find a log full of data!
Thank you,

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Hello, with this driver the Eurotronic tell the status?, idle..... Can you control with rule machine to open or close, set point temperature... Can you put a capture? Thanks

Hi @akitamostodos and sorry for late reply.
With Generic Z-Wave Thermostat driver you can turn it on/off and set the temperature on a TRV. You can not control the valve directly. You can't open it or close. Probably you can do it with Generic Z-Wave Valve driver but then you can't set the temperature - the TRV will remember the last temperatures when the valve was opened/closed and it will set them when you open/close the valve. I think so :mask:

The good news is that we have sent an Eurotronic Spirit Z-Wave TRV to Mike form Hubitat team and he will provide us with a native driver for this TRV in a very near future :mask:

But if I can open and close the valve with rule machine?, it's to say, if I put the temperature on valve manually on fiscally valve example 28°c and close or with rule machine the valve close?, and of I open the valve it's open and not the radiator?.

I suppose I can't say the temperature offset, true?

You have a valve to test it?

Let me have a look. Please wait.

After a few switches between on/off when set manually 28/8 C the TRV stopped responding. At first I could hear a motor turning but later it just stopped when I turned it on/off

This was with Generic Z-Wave Valve driver

I have from Samsung smartthing, I have made my own program to control my home heating, I use my program on webcore, now rule machine, to set the valve off or heat depending what I need, I have set the temperature offset maximum so I get the valve open to max. Because, if the room temperature is 22° the valve think is 17°c due to offset (I tell about smartthing), I want to do this with rule machine.

I want to install a valve on each radiator.

Lot of thanks

Oops, so the valve doesn't respond the command? May be because of many fast switch?

The only are, not? There isn't other driver...

That could be the case. It may want to preserve the battery.

Can you migrate a dh from Smartthings to hubitat?

How many times did you open close?

Read my 2 previous post please.

Lot lot of Thanks.

Porting this driver from ST to HE isn't that easy. As I said before we (three of us) have sent this TRV to USA to Mike, the driver master, for him to make a proper driver for HE.
We just have to wait for now. Once Mike gets the TRV he will make it do all the things we want :mask:

So... There are a developer doing it?, how many time you calculate.. 1 month.... :slight_smile:
Lot lot thanks

I don't know for sure but the end of January is probable. Just probable - it may be later.