Hubitat hub if disconnected from internet …

sure ... i have done that too. everything keeps working for me. but i have only tried that for an hour or so.

my question is a little more focused on the fact that there are seemingly some updates happening to the hub which fix issues like delay with zwave devices and couple of other similar things that i have noticed. if the hub was disconnected from the internet for a month, 6 months, 1 year ... would everything continue to work locally or it would stop working because it was unable to contact the hubitat server and receive whatever other updates it may be receiving?


You’re implying “patches” vs upgrades, if I understand. And then that would form the answer too… it would keep on operating EXACTLY as it had been. No ghostly improvements due to “patches”.

sort of but the question isnt so much about the “patches” if that is indeed happening.

its more about “call home” + any form of “license update” and if that is happening.

Ok, so your original question was aimed directly at Hubitat staff and I interjected. I’ll back away from the kbd now :slight_smile:

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So for clarification, you are asking how long your automation would continue if there were no “pushed patches.”

Based on that premiss of it functioning now, it would function as it is now until a something changed (e.g. looping error, memory overrun, something happening to one of the devices it controls, etc).

Looking at the “pushed patches” part of things, I was under the impression that the updates/patches were manually pulled. I read the thread you reference above and there are a few reasons why a z-wave mesh would improve over time besides a pushed updated.

So, if I’m reading the sub-context correctly (and I may not be), the real question here is if the staff are pushing updates.

Does not work long without internet. Had problem with my internet connection tonight. This morning I noticed that hub had crashed. At first I did not check internet connection. Just rebooted a hub by pulling power plug. Hub stuck at 70% initializing, then I noticed that my internet was not working. Until I restored internet connection , hub would not boot completely. I guess whether application or other hub link won’t initialize…

well…so much for theory :slight_smile:

I think there is an NTP request process at startup that would be failing w/out internet. Also, on a daily schedule time is synced w/ NTP requests. In theory over time disconnected your device might not keep adequate time. The request on startup may be a show stopper for no internet connection but I have not tested specifically.

Now I have to change my whole stance. I do remember reading on another thread how the HU updates it's Sunrise/Sunset times daily.

There are no secret patches being pushed to hubs.

Any and all updates are controlled by the user, and are released via firmware downloads that the user must interact with in order to initiate.

The hubs do call home so to speak, once every 24 hours to update cloud info, this is the data that's shown in the portal page.

We also push a message to the hub when new firmware is available, but again, it's not downloaded or installed until initiated by the user.

Sunrise/Sunset events are calculated within the hub based on lat/long settings on the location page, these are not cloud dependent.

If you have no internet, it's likely that your time will drift as there won't be any NTP for the hub to get time updates from, but this is true for any lan device that attempts to keep accurate time.


dashboard needs to load external libraries from the internet to your device, the hub will still function just fine with only lan access.

The expectation is that after initial registration, the hub should run without the need for internet. Of course remote access, cloud integrations, software updates, push notifications, text messaging would all not work without an internet connection.

My crashed at 3AM, then was stuck at 70% after reboot until I restored the internet. What could be the cause for hub crashing? I can setup local NTP server if that will help…

aside from time sync is this another thing that cause the hub reboot to fail or get stuck if no internet is available?

currently to my knowledge no, but that doesn't mean there couldn't be one lurking somewhere.

Is this reproducible in your setup?

havent tried reboot while disconnected from net ... will try and report back.

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A bit of an old thread, but I thought I'd see if you guys ever got to the bottom of this. I have reproduced the Hub crash without internet access multiple times. All I have to do is block it at my router and it will crash within days. It's a bit concerning as being able to run Hubitat without having to be connected to the internet was a key purchase decision.

I lost the logs from when it happened last, but if it's helpful I can add it back.

Mostly it says route info- Destination:This Hub, Next Hop:This Hub, Status:Inactive

I noticed that it was pretty much Zigbee devices when I looked closely. Pretty sure bulbs and ikea outlets at that.


Have you seen the release notes for the newest platform update? (In the “bug fixes“ section)

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Yeah, I started a different thread after not hearing back on this. They figured out it was a bug and fixed it in the last update. So far so good. I think I've been around a week with no issues.

finger's crossed, but that's promising.