DST: Need to refresh RM rule using sunset -offset even if location times correct

Even though I did hit update on the location page yesterday per @bravenel 's recommendation so that sunrise/sunset time showed correctly, my Rule Machine ‘light on at sunset -5 minutes’ rule still triggered an hour early. To correct it I needed to go into the rule and re-save the sunset condition before it would show a scheduled event at the correct time.

RM grabs the sunrise time in the middle of the night, and may have grabbed it before you updated. It turns out that was our problem, we updated sunrise/sunset at midnight, but the DST change happened at 2:00 AM. All should be good going forward, and we won’t make that mistake again. :sunglasses:

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No worries; for the record I did the location page update yesterday early morning and the sunrise/sunset times were showing correctly then. I didn’t see what time my sunset-5 light came on yesterday evening; but I did notice tonight that the rule still fired early and was scheduled to fire early again tomorrow; refreshing the rule fixed that.

Interesting. My (sunset - 15min) rule did not trigger yesterday at all. I checked my past logs and it had events with the updated system time, but i just went into Settings/Hub Details and the 'current hub time' was an hour behind. I hit the update from browser button. Wonder what that will do.

ah, just realized that this is a two year old thread. whoops.

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