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Not strictly about Hubitat but for security around the house I'm trying to decide if I want to install door sensors on all entry doors (front door, internal garage door, 2 sliding doors) and have them set off a siren. Or on the other hand, just have 2 motion sensors on the hallway with each one pointing to the front and back of the house. Currently leaning towards the motion sensors just to keep things simple. What has everyone else done, did you attach sensors to most of your doors?

If it’s for security you need to get both technologies. Motions false alarm far more often than door sensors do but combining them makes them much more reliable AND harder to fool.
All my external doors have sensors and all exposed windows.
Then I have motions in rooms and open areas

Never heard of it before, but now I want one :smile:

I've got my solar panel output syncing to Hubitat, but the missing link was always grid usage.
Thinking about the possible automations now to maximise solar power usage...


I've never heard of it. Interesting.
At first glance it looks to have similar data to the AGL / Solar Command App I have showing Usage, Sold to the grid, Daily costs, Energy Monitoring etc

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yeah im keen to try darksky as long its theres not too much load on my system

There is a LOT of load. Illuminance updates every 5 minutes, which means the logs update for nearly everything every 5 minutes. I have a few Aeotec sensors, so dont really need it, and am thinking of removing.

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Are you talking about DarkSky, or something else? I've configured mine to update every 30 minutes and I don't see anything in the logs other than that.


Check size of device logs. Mine had > 60,000 entries.

might try the BOM one above then

@stevebott123 I've got both and they never agree but I'm in a regional area and the forecast is pretty hit and miss, haven't had tie to sit outside and work out which one is wrong

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Hello Aus/NZ:
I finally found a Zigbee outlet that I'd like to try out on my Hubitat.
It's from an Ausie firm with a factory in China called 3A SmartHome. (Nue).
Does anyone have the following outlet (North American version shown). Any comments about it?


Some of the lads have definitely been deploying the Nue gear but I've not seen one featuring USB like that before. Nice.
I believe @mike.maxwell has been sent a variety of Nue gear and that there's offical HE drivers now.

Yep, been using them for >12 months.

They do eat your child devices with zigbee. Child devices will still remain connected to HE, but they will not appear in the zigbee mesh routing info, or any mapping via a XBee device (it's as if the device does not exist, according to the mesh). I've seen this on multiple hubs (c4, C5).

To verify, check http://HUBip/hub/zigbee/getChildAndRouteInfo

and you will see child devices drop off that table, but remain connected to HE. It's very weird.

I'm sorry, I don't understand.
Here's part of my routing table:

I know it's strange.
I have Xiaomi devices, I have Audurosmart devices, I have a Konke device, Centralite temp/humidity sensor, all of them battery powered Zigbee devices which respond to commands.
I have no idea why I have no Child data on the table.

Are you saying that a device that routes to HE before using the Nue Switch will likely route through the Nue switch and then No longer appear in the Zigbe routing table ?
Assuming that the original device finds the Nue a better route, of course.

There is something else eating your mesh too. Might not be 3asmarthome. But that's the thing that does it for me....when my Xiaomi devices route through the 3asmarthome devices, they drop off the routing table.

I have two HE, and two zigbee meshes. I just switched one child device from one HE without 3asmarthome devices, to the other that has 3asmarthome devices, and now it no longer appears on the routing table. I have no proof that it's 3asmarthome, because I cant see the routing table, but it's a pretty good guess!

Yes, and I dont think the 3asmarhome routers ever let go. If the 3asmarhome routers drop off, the child devices have conniptions, as they dont know anything else! From my experience.

In the routers section of that that table, are you saying that your 3asmarthome devices are found?

I have specifically tried to ensure that only Tradfri (Ikea) repeaters and outlets are in the routers section.

Yes, 3asmarhome devices act as routers.

Everything starting with LS is a 3asmarhome Light Switch, and acting as a router

I'm not sure.
I'll have to research the documentation and figure out what's going on...

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