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Holy crap it works. Followed this vid on YouTube where he touchlinks the puck remote to the hue bridge and then to the bulb.

It now acts as a on/off button/dimmer for the bulb. So not usable as a button within HE itself unfortunately but still useful for bedside lamp button/dimmer for 20 bucks. sweet.



how easily do the covers come off on the 3.0 versions of these? my 1.0 versions came off pretty easily especially if they've been taken off and on several times for pairing.

although it's low voltage behind the cover, the electronic panel i found unclipped quite easily exposing the high voltage behind. This is one of the reasons I removed these from my setup (main / equiv reason was they were unrealible 1.0s) .

hopefully these ones don't have that issue.

+1 heart - 'cause of the link.

He can be taught Steve. He can be taught!

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So spent a little time looking for a keypad to arm and disarm etc, found nothing here. Ended up finding a Iris V3 on ebay so took a chance and ordered (new in box) from the US. Gotta say it works brilliantly and my wife much prefers the "key in a code to disarm and press a button to arm" options. Beeps all work, ARM home and ARM away work with single key presses etc, great to get an audible status when we walk in the front door. Very impressed and was a little concerned as they seem a bit of a hit and miss to if it will work. Now, if only there were some reasonable local options I'd get a couple more.

Yeah I grabbed one a while ago. Works well enough. Mine didn't detect as the keypad straight away though, it's one of the ones with a dodgy firmware, but it still works.

Mine detected as 'Device' switched to keypad V3 and it works great though.

Same. That's the slightly bung firmware. Couple of things don't work, like the beep command, but it's still fit for purpose.

I like the way it beeps faster on the delays as it gets closer, biggest hassle is there are not many options on getting these things and I couldn;t find anything that is still made and supported on HE

Centralite are trading again, so hopefully they produce some keypads that can be purchased again. Unlikely to get anything here in Aus, cause they want to sell us tightly integrated service charges here.

Yep, that's the killer with most of the security stuff, sold as kits with services and rarely as components.

Same here but it’s hardly touched now that I have ‘Presence’ working great.
It’s all Automagic now

Presence doesn't work well for us, mostly because my daughter forgets her phone half the time :wink: I'm making little inroads but it's an uphill struggle.

I haven’t yet tried any of these but I am just about to order some motorised blinds. I have been looking at both Luxaflex who uses Somfy for their motors and Aspect who use the Rollease Acmeda Automate motors.

For remote control they both offer a hub which then enables smartphone app, Google and Alexa control as well as IFTTT integration. Somfy calls their hub Connexoon and Rollease call their the Pulse 2 Hub

Interesting that the pulse 2 lists smartthings as an iot integration. Might have a chance to get them to allow a he local integration.

We just had some motorised blinds installed on our deck that had motors with integrated RF control and an RF remote. I naively thought I'd be able to learn them into a Sonoff RF Bridge that I could hook into HE until I discovered they use a rolling code. After some research, I came across a box made by a Canadian company that is essentially a wifi RF rolling code bridge (Smart Controller). It at least gets me to controlling the blinds via Google Home. I've ordered one from the US. Next step is to integrate it into HE - slim chance I'll be doing that anytime soon with my current level of knowledge.

In hindsight, it would have been much cheaper and easier to get motorised blinds that had some form of mechanical relay up/down control I could hook into a Sonoff device flashed with Tasmota and connected to HE. That'd be my tip if you're looking to automate motorised blinds. Likely much cheaper than the route I've taken.

Yes, I found that interesting (and potentially promising) too. Would be nice not having to use IFTTT and do local integration instead.

I’m going to order the Pulse 2 for my project, but it is not released yet. I have asked the retailer to find out when it will be available.

Out of interest did you consider the Broadlink RM Pro? I was thinking about using that and HE to control RF blinds. I am currently waiting for my house build to finish so that was a route I considered.

@jchurch Yep, I own one. Same problem in that it doesn't support rolling codes.

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New Nue driver help!

I just swapped one over to Mike's integrated driver and buggered if i can figure out how to change the name of the "component switches". Have been using George Castanza's up til now and that was relatively easy!

Means on your dashboard you have nonsense names or end up setting up a lot of virtual switches and routines? Or have i missed something freaking obvious.