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Kermit the frog moment .... "device label" ......yeah I'm a muppet ... as you were!


ha ha It looks like I'll be off to Ikea sometime this long weekend as the two stores nearest me both are showing the repeaters in stock. It'll be the first time I'll actually be keen to go to an Ikea store. LOL.
Has anyone else in AUS picked one, some, of these guys yet ?

Not yet. I stopped by on Thursday here in Melb and they weren't on stock yet. Picked up the Sonos remote though, which works as a touchlink dimmer for Hue quite well.

No, but I thought you had the 3asmarthome switches.???? Dont they act as repeaters?

Nope.No 3asmarthome switches here.

I don't think I'd get the led light past the WAF with those switches. I'm not a fan of touch switches either. Prefer something tactile.

Thing is, why do you need to touch the lights anyway? Make your house respond to you.

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Agreed, but it's guest and family acceptance factors that play into that. Still don't like touch switches though lol. I'm planning on using Clipsal momentary press mechs with in wall modules myself. Z-Wave though. Haven't seen much zigbee in wall stuff.

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Not the AUS ones, but I got 3 from the UK recently. I've only got one plugged in at the moment due to lack of UK->AUS adapters (I should have a few seeing as I'm originally from the UK, but can't find what I have).

I had some Aeotec modules installed with Clipsal Iconic rocker and momentary switches on Thursday. I have a Nano, a Nano Dual and a Nano Dimmer. The dimmer is on a momentary, the other two are on 3 rockers in one panel. I'm using the built-in drivers from the single Nano and the dimmer, and the Qubino 2 Relay Module for the double. The Qubino driver makes two child switches which is ideal.

It took a bit of fiddling to get the programming right, it seemed like the single Nano didn't come as factory settings. The dimmer is driving 4 LED downlight modules, but I can't get below 40% as they start turning off so you end up with a random combination on and off. So I've set the driver to not go lower than 40%, but then I don't get a lot of dimming. And there's a bit of a buzz when dimmed as well. 4 of the same lights in another room on a clipsal iconic dimmer do they same behaviour when dimmed, but they don't buzz. The previous dimmer on those stopped dimming at about 30% but they didn't start to shut down.

I haven't got the momentary rocker switch (Clipsal 40MBPRL) working yet. The electrician was struggling to get it working with the Nano Dimmer and I thought it might be a programming issue, but I need the wiring looked at again. When I press it the lights dim about 2% and that's it - they don't turn on or off. They are controlled via HE fine. The instructions in the box aren't great, there's better instructions and videos on the Aeotec support site - which I only found after he'd gone!

I order 4 today, have a few things like RM Pro, Firestick (in the ceiling for the projector) etc that I will replace the plugs on with the repeaters, basically anything that is USB powered will get one. While I like the NUE powerpoints I don't want to replace a lot of them, just a few key ones. These will supplement them where I already have a USB device plugged in.

Sounds very similar to my plan. I'm thinking of the impress mechs with the nano. I was only going to do dimmer only on the larger number leds 5+. Are your lights mr16 leds? - Minus the LED though

My Nano dimmers do the same thing. They buzz, don't dim smoothly and won't dim below around 30%. The bypass modules apparently solve these problems... havnt tried them yet.
Also, they are pretty slow to respond to HE commands, not sure if other have had the same experience???

Yeah I've heard that the bypass is needed for when your combined wattage is too low for the dimmer. For those with MR16 spots I've been using the master leds and that stopped some buzzing as well.

Using a dimmer, bypass and Clipsal switch will soon get pretty pricey if your looking to do multiple switches.

Yep, but no more so than getting each bulb fitting changed and the using a smart bulb for each. I don't think I'll care about dimming every space though.

The impress mechs are not too pricey and fit into the basic 2000 plates as well. So should be reasonable depending on the lights.

No, they're the lights that are flush, about as big as your palm. The brand is sunny-something I think.

Well I got the repeaters today and they're just as I hoped - a two part product.
A wall wart power supply and a separate USB powered Repeater section.
Now I hope they fill out my mesh nicely.

Had to insert a pin into the pairing hole for 10 sec's for it to be detected by HE.


Awesome. How many you buy? Did you leave any? :grin:

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