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Yeah, only noticed that they started to list them yesterday. They've mostly done z-wave stuff before. RACV is cheaper for the motion/multi sensors though.

They have the water sensor in stock though.

RACV have been saying for a while they'll be getting the buttons in.

They'll probably be cheaper than CapitalSmart if the sensors are anything to go by. Possible capital smart are just sourcing them through racv themselves.

So I have been running two HUE Bridges for a couple of weeks now (one for about a year) and one of them only had Tradfri GU10 bulbs on it. These lights were only around 5M from the Bridge with no walls in-between them. The older Bridge, with around 35-40 lights has a mix of Hue, Tradfri and Generic Chinese bulbs.

The older Bridge with the mix of lights etc all works fine, the lights go on and off as expected and even the furthest from the Bridge (Outside at the garage and stairs leading to the house) all work fine, they are around 20-30M away. No automation issues etc and the motion sensors out there are also flawless.

The Bridge with just the Tradfri on plays up, sometimes the lights come on but they do not all go off, one out of a pair will stay on, or one wont come on. This was bugging me as it mucked up automation's and sometimes left lights on all night. I have now resolved though by replacing two of the lights with Hue bulbs, conclusion is Hue bulbs provider a stronger signal and repeat better than the Tradfri or the Tradfri do not repeat at all but will connect to the Hue bulbs which do repeat.

Sooooo, if anyone is having issue with Tradfri bulbs running on a Hue Bridge try dropping a Hue bulb into the mix and see if that resolves it.


delivery is free with CS though, $14 with RACV

Suppose it depends on how much you order. Given that the sensors are 10 bucks cheaper at RACV atm. :slight_smile:

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I ordered 8 from RACV so ended up saving a bit :slight_smile: All installed on ground floor windows and doors and used to trigger HSM. I keep checking back to see if the button pops up as I'd like a couple of them to put either side of the bed to cancel alerts or use as a panic button (will decide when I get some)

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im on a timeout after my ikea sonos purchase lol. But id grab a few too.

Where on the RACV site ?

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edit: sorry, I thought the water sensors were there too.

Spoke to RACV store and asked if they would start stocking for sale, and they just shrugged. So online only for those bits.

That's a nice price for Door/Window sensors but I can't get past being unable to enter data in the STREET field of the Checkout on the RACV store :frowning:

It's a super buggy store site. I haven't ordered anything yet, but I struggle just to browse it occasionally. G.

Anyone have blinds/shutters/curtains integrated into HE? What are you using, and what do you recommend. I have nothing in that area, but am now turning my attention to it.

ikea have a range, though not in aus yet.

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yep, I'm waiting on the ikea blinds.

type one letter at a time and wait for it to pop up the address, in my case it wanted Dr not Drive.
I had the same issue, RACV and websites, just as well I only use them for roadside these days...….

Grabbed one of the Sonos remotes to try to pair to HE. So far no joy. It is zigbee 3 certified.

It might be Touchlink like most other tradfri products which means it'll only ever work with the Tradfri gateway. Would be great to have it working though.

Yep. Looks like it's touchlink. Even though it's zigbee 3, they can still use touchlink to pair. Tried pairing to hue bridge, but didn't seem touchlink properly. Will play a bit more though.