Hubitat for AUS/NZ Chat

stop playing hide the sausage and give em the link bro


hehe, you're no fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looks like they've added a few more bulbs as well.

Yep, 10m is not brilliant but I'll put a couple around the place where I currently have USB devices plugged in as it can only help.

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I was also reading up about a remote control they're bringing out for the Symfonisk

Sounds like the speakers have zigbee in them? Or maybe the gateway talks over the lan

Only 1 store has the Repeaters ! (Marsden Park !!)
At least it's in the same state. LOL

its a bummer that they've changed the form factor because I wanted to make use of USB sockets in the side of TV's etc around the house. Or they've got the wrong picture. he he
Now they'll just double up as a slow phone charger

Thx by the way. :+1:

I bought the freestanding / wall speaker. Its really very nice abeit I only bought it as the no fuss TTS device.. But the WAF is there as she works from home and appreciates the quality sound.

Out of interest, does it 'Chime' before it makes an announcement like the Goggle Home does??

Nope, just talks.

*I just started an album, picked the 3rd track in, set the TTS speak and volume, but then the speaker went back to the first track off that album. Thats not right is it ?

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yeah Sonos integration is much better on HE than Google Home hey :slight_smile:

Anyone know our available options for Zigbee buttons?

i imported a xiaomi from gearbest - does the trick

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No prob. They may just not show the usb plug in bit. The manual shows it to be the same I think as the others. I'd imagine they wouldn't engineer something different just for little old us. Stock is crap, so most of the stores may still be waiting for their deliveries.

CaptialSmart seem to be getting the Smartthings button in as well. 29 bucks though.

where art thou' links gerry!!!

Sold out though.