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The Ikea Tradfri are 3 colour whites and when I select a scene they match my hue ambience whites and hue colour bulbs (in whites) no problem so I can put them in the same room with no colour differences in whites, $22.99 as well. I run them, on both my Hue bridges and added a couple more today.

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Sengled pulse solo at bunnings $39..

After further investigation its bluetooth control. So probably no he support..
Regardless, still pretty cheap way to add music to the ensuite for the mrs!

Hmm.. forgot about the tradfri gu10. Got the ambiance alright. Might be a goer for the bathroom.

So many GU10 options!.....might have to change all my MR16 downlights

The only issue I have with doing that, is the sheer number of em and the electrician cost to change to gu10 plus the bulbs. It just seems more cost effective to use a dimmer/switch (zigbee/zwave) and then either continue to use the mr16 or use a non smart led replacement.

Also, some folks have concerns for the gu10 safety, due to the direct 240v

Very true - I have a few and the cost would add up pretty quickly to change them all!!

Something like this?

This way can continue to use existing lights

Phillips Hue stuff/globes on sale at at the moment.....

Here was that link,

And it's over. Picked up 3 for some pendants. 12 bucks for a 40 dollar globe is awesome. That's one of things that I don't understand with people who hate on hue. Yes they're overpriced. and Yes... no one pays that... ever. If you want to use some hue, just a wait for sale and you can get them for what they should probably be normally lol.

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if those other ones werent bayonett I would of got a handful.

Yep, I love the Hue stuff, run it all off a couple of Hue Bridges and let it manage 90% of the lighting automation/schedules keeping the HE for the other stuff. Keeps around 50 bulbs off of HE and works faultlessly :slight_smile: Don't think I've ever paid full price for a bulb, Prime day is also a good one to stock up on.

My experience with the Nue Zigbee 3.0 Smart light switch/s....

Geeky stuff: :nerd_face: No issues with pairing. Connection thus far has been flawless.

WAF: Rated low :frowning: Mostly because of the audible relay 'click' when switching. Turning on I think is acceptable but turning off I have to agree has quite a tinny after effect. This only becomes noticeable since they are automated.... we've become used to the satisfying silence of smart light globes. My Zwave nano dimmer is also completely silent.

Another more minor issue is the bright blue glow when off, however as previously mentioned in this thread this can be resolved by slipping in a small square of tint behind the glass.

This is not meant to discourage anyone from purchasing the switches. They are brilliant at what they do and the wife and I agree they look pretty class. Just keep these things in mind if you or your partner are fussy about these 'First World' problems.
Unfortunately our choice right now is still very limited.

Another small thing while I think of it, and I guess this would be more HAF than anything... In my opinion, touch sensitive glass although looks nice, isn't as convenient in reality. The lack of tactility actually requires slightly more concentration? to guide your finger to the hot spot. Makes me realise the possible design and ergonomic reasoning behind larger rocker switches.

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Good feedback man, thx.
I read within the forum that the light could be disabled so there is that option.

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I love the Nue switches they took a little to get used to but now they are just normal to my wife and I.

Also I noticed that the dimmer switch is in the new 2.1.5 release so @mike.maxwell must have finally finished it.. yes!! Great timing too as my house build will be done next month and I have 5 to install :grin:

EDIT: just tested the official Nue dimmer driver that came in the latest 2.1.5 release and @mike.maxwell you my friend are a bloody legend as it works a treat!!


Out of interest has anyone heard from our mate Kevin (3asmarthome) in a while? I believe last time he was about to get a Hubitat so that sounded positive.

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by heard of, you mean harass ? lol

Haha! I was trying to chase him on the 1gang 2000w switch he apparently had coming in but he doesn't respond anymore so I wondered if anyone else has had any success in speaking to him.

For anyone who has a ZConnect Garage Door Controller.
I've written a device driver for it that allows you to use all four endpoints and adjust some of the important parameters. The link to the code is in the Developers Section.


@njanda Guess what IKEA have on their au website?? Shall I... repeat! :wink:


Very neat looking repeater for Aus have to say. Can't imagine it'll be very strong signal, but it's certainly a tidy little package.