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what about something like this....

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I guess it depends if its something we would have to send to @mike.maxwell - or we could send him the fingerprint and get it added that way.
$45 is a pretty good pricepoint

i must say tho, that's a pretty ugly looking detector!!! :open_mouth:

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Just to follow up on this @steveff
I came onto a second Hue hub and had time to test it today.
Put it on channel 15, updated the software and paired it with the 950 e27 WS and the GU10 WS straight off the bat.
But the 950 becomes unreachable and the GU10 only paired when I piggybacked the e27 off the dual socket it had (I think my sparkie mate might not of made me the best jig).
So I think I COULD get the GU10 to pair with my original hub (it did, when the e27 was piggybacked) but the 980 would not come back from unresponsive, remove the bulb and it wont pair again. System reset the 2nd hue hub, will find the bulb, but becomes unresponsive again within a minute or so.

Sounds like some funky stuff going on there, but at least the GU10 WS are pairing now :slight_smile:

yeah, except I went out and dropped some $ on colour change Hue GU10s lol

Alright, next one aussie kinsmen.

Is there a way for me to make my dumb ceiling fans smart IE in wall switches ?
Now that every room I can see the temp I would love to get some smart ceiling fan air movement. Currently I have the ones with the 4 setting twist knob thing.

I have been thinking the same as we head to summer, and so far these 2 links is what ive found, to maintain manual control


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I noticed that Kevin (3asmarthome) now sells in wall fan controllers. I'd imagine that mike was not sent these though so you'd need to have Kevin ship them to him to get them supported.

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I actually just purchased 2 x E27 Ikea smart bulbs yesterday and they work great paired directly with HE. It's just a shame that the colour changing doesn't work in HE as I didn't realise it was a "work in progress" still but they turn on and off and dim really well so I can wait :slight_smile:

be warned, I had nothing but issues with ikea bulbs directly connected to my hub.
I had 2 ikea bulbs and 4 wemo bulbs. As soon as I took them out its been nirvana (zigbee nirvana).

*depends what driver you have them selected on. I had a 2000-6500 white ikea directly connected and I could punch in the value and get the bulb to change colour.

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So this would be a direct (pull 3 speed and off) replacement ?
I am VERY interested in this. @mike.maxwell since you have already worked with some of this stuff would it be better I buy one / install it and send you a fingerprint or would you prefer the whole device ?

I think poor kev's getting tired of ppl asking for devices to be sent to Hubitat, it was his default response to my message even though I had a couple of questions in there.

I will let you know how i get on but all of last night and this morning they were still working fine but still very early days. I have them meshed with my Nue switches which have also behaved with my Xiaomi sensors so who knows it might be fine.

btw, I left it on the default driver that it loaded in with. From memory I believe it said something like CT (dev) at the end. I cannot check as I am at work.

Yeah I am not sure Kevin (3asmarthome) realises the value in actually sending them to Mike.. it's unfortunately really. That said if it means purchasing some products and sending them to Mike ourselves to get it supported then I know i'd be happy to do it as required. Fortunately I only needed the switches which are now all done except the 1gang dimmer but Mike is still working on that one.

Yep - colour temp - white range.
is yours an RGB one ?

Yep the RGB one. I don't believe I can change the colour temp in the CT (dev) driver I am using. Is that the driver you are using to do that? It would be great if I could change to other colours though so I hope that is rectified one day.

go into the device and you can change the CT colour, just flip it to the generic RGB zigbee bulb, should be able to change the colours around.

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I've had 5 Tradfri GU10 bulbs directly connected to HE for a few months now. They've all been great except one which took days to pair. Was actually surprised when I got it. I have no Zigbee repeaters, just Smart Things motion sensors, contacts and Sengled bulbs all of which still work consistently.
Got some 1, 2 and 3 gang Nue switches on their way now. You'd think these would only strengthen my mesh... we'll soon see.

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Nice one. I haven't had any issues at all with the 2 Tradfri E720 bulbs I purchased last weekend.

I highly recommend the Nue switches they also operate well with Xiaomi sensors too as I have had mine connected since end of June without a single drop.