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Glad to hear the Nue switches are going well. It's the one thing I've been desperate to integrate into my home automation for a while but never convinced with the offerings we had here in Aus. I'm looking forward to the fun and games.

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Are the LED's on them able to be extinguished or at least dimmed ??
I couldn't stand at night, having bright LED's beaming out.

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I've put 2 pieces of paper cut to size under the glass - that dimmed the LEDs right down!

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Good to hear. I was basically going to do the same thing if it bothered me. Currently I only have a few Nue switches deployed but my new house once built will have 13 of them so I assumed I may need to block the LED's in some areas.

For anyone that wants to block or dull the light coming off an LED light, these are cheap and do an incredible job. It is kind of like window tint for your LEDs. You can still see the light but it takes all the glow out of the light. I use them in my bedroom and they are great. For the use case above, you could put them under the glass instead of the paper, and then you also have them for other LEDs


I discovered last night that my C5 model hub had been powered off all day. The black USB cable was just dangling beneath the desk - the micro usb end was attached to the back of the hub.

For my sanity, can someone please confirm whether the Australian model came with a power adapter (USB), and post a pic of what it looks like? My family are claiming no knowledge!? The only loose adapter near there was a small white Apple charger but I don’t know why I would have used that.

I found this Sengled at my local Bunnings.
Looks to be exactly what Ivd been after;
GU10, Zigbee 3.0 nice small physical size

but it was bloody pricy at $36.00 !

Of course I had to grab one to try it out.

It paired straight away and routes through the cheap Chinese Repeaters. Happy :smiley:

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Nice one. Do they do colour ones as well? The Ikea ones I purchased last weekend have been solid too. It's good we have local choice when we require it.

btw, I picked up a Philips Hue Motion sensor yesterday just to play around with it and didn't realise it also does temp readings so that was a nice bonus!! I paid $47.45 after Officeworks price matched Bunnings so they are not cheap though.

They just had the warm white.
I weighed up expending several hours going out to and around, ikea in Tempe but chose to splash out and bank my time. LOL

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I have a spare hue hub at home if you need one.

Certainly interested. I'll PM you.

I got a spare one when I bought the 2 bulb, one hub, one hue switch kit off amazon.
dont need 2 hubs - only running like 10 bulbs off it.

@njanda That Sengled GU10 looks perfect, but I can't see it anywhere at Bunnings. Must be something newly in stock at just a few of them. If Sengled bring out some Zigbee 3 bulbs then they should work through Hue as well.

Yeah it took me by surprise and I can’t find it online. I’ve even emailed Sengled AU to see what’s the story.
If they were 10-15 bucks cheaper I’d have bought the other 4 they had there. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Those babies are Zigbee 3.0 !

36 sounds expensive, but compared to other options it's a steal. Look at the hue or lifx gu10. Crazy.

@gbrown, see now you've gone and made me schedule another Bunnings run tomorrow. LOL

Anyone know of any mr16 led smart globes?
Ive seen a couple on ebay, but a bit skeptical

The ones I've seen tend to be ZLL not ZHA and from what I've been reading they'd probably perform best if they were put on their own hub. (HE or HUE)
There's lots of reports of users having ZLL lamps causing all sorts of issues when they're mixed with ZHA devices. It seems the ZLL devices do not "repeat" Zigbee ZHA signals very well.

Personally I replaced all my MR16 fittings with GU10 fittings and have never looked back.

I also replaced all the MR16 with GU10, was finding it a pain trying to dim the MR16 and rather than replace the power supplies and the bulbs with LED's I went straight to GU10 and replacement tails for them and run it all on 240V instead now. Removes any chance of humming and weird things going on.

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Thanks guys...
I had a feeling best bet would be to convert to project!