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Dazpad, I had one of the ZConnect garage door controllers and ended up ditching it as I could not get it to work with Hubitat. I had issues with getting it to pair securely. Then I had issues with getting to recognise the switches.
I ended up replacing it with an Aeotec.

I know what you mean. I had to go back to the manual to see how to put it into secure inclusion mode. I can get the main relay recognised , but not the child devices.
I think it comes down to how Hubitat handles multi channel devices.
Vera, Zipato and Fibaro can all find the four discrete nodes during the inclusion process. They're just basic binary switches and sensors.
As far as the Aeotec unit goes it's very basic when compared to the capabilities of the ZConnect unit.
For instance, I've got a position switch and IR beam sensor wired directly to the unit. There's an inbuilt interlock (set by parameters) that stops the door relay operating if the beam is blocked. It's all working well on the Zipabox at the moment but I'll keep working with the Hubitat system to see if I can find a way to migrate my existing stuff over.

Out of interest has anyone here integrated a Daikin ducted air conditioner system with multiple zones into HE? I am currently building a house with the intent to install that system and I have paid the extra for the Daikin WiFi module and app add-on. I did find this thread on Whirlpool that should lead me in the right direction but if someone has actually got this working in HE i'd love to hear about it.

Sorry, no.

Someones auctioning a C5 hub on fleabay

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Crazy! Who would want to sell their HE. Maybe I should get a "spare" one :smile:

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Anyone contacted or heard from Kevin (3asmarthome) about getting some of his other devices supported? Just wondered if he's still willing to get this done for his other products.

from the look of his listings, he's flogging alot of HA gear.
I was thinking the same re a second hub :wink:

I have recently renovated the house and am not sure about the connected home solutions.
One thing I am sure after reading various posts here that Hubitat is the best platform.

Now the main dilemma Is it better to replace dimmers with something which can work with HE OR install the diginet Sitara (I think it uses AVI-ON (avi-on dot com) and hope that Sitara can be controlled using HE. . Most of the walls plates are clipsal with DigiNet rotary dimmer and Fan control.

Oh and the kitchen is all Tradfri which should be a breeze.


G'day @boodzz, from my quick look into Diginet Sitara, it seems it's Bluetooth only and I see to recall reading in the forum somewhere that the HE guys indicated that Bluetooth is not on the todo list.
I couldn't find anything about a LAN connection into the system (I guess because there is no "hub" ) nor did I find a published API but that doesn't mean such things are not available. Just that my quick look, didn't find anything. :slight_smile:
One thing you should probably think hard about is "are you just after App type CONTROL over your house OR are you after AUTOMATION.
Automation basically removing the need for you to physically turn on lights, fans etc.
Things just happening due to human presence or time or temperature or light levels etc.

Thanks @njanda for the quick response. And yes I am looking forward to creating a full home automation solution. For kitchen lighting its all IKEA lights and TRADFRI gateway. Lockly lock and motorized blinds., Nest Protect alarms, iZone for AC control (which was a mistake but...) I somehow missed the whole light automation, thought it will be easy but :roll_eyes: didn't get great advice on it and now I am stuck.

So I guess my best option would be to change the dimmers.

Whats a good dimmer to use which works best with AU standards and can accommodate both light and fan dimming in a single wall plate.

Thanks again

have you considered lifx for lights? keep in mind you likely wont need a sparky. Tho lifx globes are a bit $$

Whats the preference for locks? Thinking I might take the leap but need something that will not leave any holes in the door as well, ideally cover any screwholes too. This is my dumb lock :wink:

I personally went with the Zigbee Schlage lock but as I am building a new house I am yet to actually use it so I cannot comment any further. I did speak to someone on the community though and he said it worked well.

Not that i have any, but from what ive seen, most replace a deadbolt, so with your lock, you can install the smart lock and the use a passage set to cover the extra hole.

You would still be left with the 4 mounting holes tho!

You could always keep the lock and fit a new deadlock above/below.

ie; A Yale Assure.

Then the original handle is just for keeping the door shut.

is anyone running a smoke alarm that can tie into HE in Aus ?

Not yet.
Thought about it but that was as far as I got.

Not sure there are many options here. I went with the Nest Protect though but I believe Google still isn't playing nice here so not sure I have many options of integration once installed. If you could find an RF one then you could use the Sonoff RF Bridge to pickup a "button" press per say when it went off? or just install a non australian standard one next to your australian standard one?

its a bugger we dont have one here.