Hubitat for AUS/NZ Chat

I use the Tp links and the driver above. Works well. I got the 110's for AUD 26 from Amazon Australia, for the power monitoring.

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I was thinking of using the h110s when amazon sales them again, just concerned over the size. Pondering the Aeotec Smart Switch as well, but the price for them is... well.... ouch.

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The size of those is pretty good - I hadn’t really looked at how small they are! Much better than the HS-110. has them on sale for $82 at the moment.

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82 vs 26... that's the issue. :slight_smile:


what are you guys using for presence (sure ive asked this before) - I currently just have the L360 app by BPT - but it dips in and out of useful and when I use L360 + HE iOS I get multiple jumps in and out of the fence within minutes of each other.
Its the one thing I have left to crack and cant. I have the fence set to 300m - but any larger it would clip my kids school and my mrs spends ages there so the house would always be disarmed with HSM.

I mainly use the iphone-wifi-presence-sensor which works really well but if your wifi on your phone turns off it could cause an issue. I also have tried the hubitat app but the geolocation never works unless I open the app and can't work out why.

Wifi presence. Via Iphone presence, although we dont use Iphones, all android here. It works flawlessly.

I have a rule that when my Hubitat presence sensor (HE app) hits the home area, it triggers the iphone presence sensor to run every 10 seconds. So within 10 seconds of me hitting the home wifi (which is turned on by tasker when I approach home), I'm recorded as home. Doors open, lights come on, etc.

I'm not recorded as away until both wifi and Hubitat are away. I am intruiged by the Hubitat youtube thing last night, which I have not watched yet, saying presence was bad for unlocking doors. I'll get to it tonight......

Turn off battery saving for that app, if you're on Android.

That could also be helpful for Life360 i'd imagine.


It's weird I'd swear that was the first thing I did but looks like it was off so hopefully you're right.

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Might do that if my vibration sensor doesn't work out! Quite easy to set up using rule machine but waiting for a washing load before testing.

Might be worth looking at better-laundry-monitor if you go down that route.

I am using the HE app on my Android mobile and my wife is using the WiFi presence app on her Android mobile and they both seem to work alright. I also carry a SmartThings Presence Sensor V4 in my cycling pouch for when I ride my bike as I find that useful as I come and go without having to stop get off grab my pouch etc. The only thing bad about the SmartThings Presence Sensor V4 is they seem to chew battery life.. I noticed it dropped quickly to 15% although it's still running and it's been like this for weeks haha so will be interesting to see when it dies.

I have wifi/ L360/ HE with combined presence but even with them all combined coming in and out of the fence can sometimes bounce in and out like this...

What is your rule for arriving? Is it more than one sensor arrives before it marks you as arrived. It looks like something is wrong there.

You want multiple sensors arriving before you are marked as arriving, if you have flaky wifi, presence sensing etc.

i'll check when I get home, but currently it should just be if L360 enters the geofence set as mode-based on time of day if L360 leaves set mode away wifi and HE presence are Not part of the presence sensor currently. I was getting worse results with L360+HE iOS (multiple bounces in a minute).

$79.99 at OZ Smart Things

including a USB port to be used for an Ikea Repeater. LOL

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does anyone know if the D-Link mini wi-fi smart plug work ? Can't see them on the compatible list but then again neither is tp-link

Tp link is a community driver though.


Another option is to order some of the Sonoff S26 smart plugs and flash them with Tasmota. There are HE community drivers for Tasmota so that would work as well. I haven't specifically flashed that plug before but I have flashed the Sonoff Mini and Sonoff Basic R3's and they work great.

Also there is alot of other Tuya plugs that you can apparently use Tuya convert on as well which is an OTA flashing method although I have never done that before as I just flash using the headers.

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