Hubitat for AUS/NZ Chat

Xiaomi cousins which I believe have similar ‘issues’.
Unless they’re Zigbee 3.0, I’d be wary !

I believe they've got a number of oddities. Only work on specific zigbee channels, send odd messages like an active for Motion but no inaction.

To he honest, my thoughts now is to generally pay a bit more (when on sale of course) for branded items. They just seem to work with far less issues.


They advertise them as Zigbee 3.0. But as @gbrown suggests, may well have issues of their own. Was just curious to know if anyone had direct experience, that's all. I'm pretty well stacked with bits and bobs for the time being.

Having said that about branded products. The temp sensor from blitzwolf still interests me. Did anyone get one yet?

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Same here !
BUT.....I just visited MBK Market in Bangkok this week, home of the knock offs and Picked up wireless AirPods for the misses and I for $30 a pop, amongst other things. He he

The issue they have is they only work on zigbee channels 15, 20 & 25.
This post kind expalins why Konke limited to these channels.
I've been thinking of getting the button as there is a community driver and it apparently works without issue.

I'm still waiting on mine to arrive so hopefully it arrives soon. I've also go the motion sensor coming with it but Chinese new year is slowing everything down.

What feels like a long time ago now I (Dec '19) mentioned on this thread I was working on an integration with Mitsubishi Electric's MELCloud service for Aus/NZ AC's. For now I'm happy to send the drivers I have via a message to anyone interested, mostly for speed, unitil I setup a GitHub profile and get around to writing some notes for how to install and use it.

@pjam73 - I'll send you the code shortly.


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hey guys, I've got a rule for my garage light that runs on motion sensors, I keep ending up with a blinking light when I'm in and out of the garage a bit.

What I've done is tried to stop it turning the lights off if it re-triggers , but also not leave the light on indefinitely, Can you please logic check this for me ?

Have you tried Simple Lighting ?
Apologies for not answering the question you posted


@stevebott123 nope I hadn't might go play with that now. Think I might have out clevered myself...……..

Motion Lighting app as well, has good in-built options.


Looks like I'll be playing in the garage all afternoon...……

Thankyou both, didn't even think to look for those two apps

Motion lighting seems to be the go as it looks like I can use a virtual switch to set an override


sorry - you did say motion.
Both apps are pretty handy

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all good @stevebott123 anything that makes me think is a win !!

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Does anyone know if this Wiz WiFi Filament Bulb from Bunnings will work with Hubitat?

Other Wiz bulbs work with Tasmota, but this one specifically, I wouldn’t know:

EDIT: They’re not easy to flash it looks like though

Thanks for posting that link. I guess I can live with using IFTTT to integrate Hubitat and the Wiz bulb.

“Will work” or works well ??
Very very different questions, especially if IFTTT is involved.

Not sure if this interests anyone or not but I posted the question about a performance HE over here.