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They all are. Most of them use a wifi platform that doesn't integrate with HE natively though. So just bear that in mind before any random buying. TP-Link's wifi plugs have some good local integration through a community driver, but the rest of them tend to need custom firmware loaded to be able to control them locally.

I've been testing a Smartthings Multipurpose sensor since I got my Hubitat almost a month ago. It has an accelerometer so I put it on my garage door to send me notifications when it opens and closes. It was going well until today where it the status stayed open when the garage door is physically closed. I'll try and use it like a regular contact sensor with the magnet and see how I go. I was about to buy a bunch of these for my other doors but I guess I'll give it a few more weeks to see if it's reliable enough.

they are super reliable, I have 6 of them and they dont miss a beat.
Every now and then one gets stuck, but if I open and close that door it goes back to normal.
I would start reviewing you zigbee mesh / other zigbee devices via the routing table.

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if you are looking for a cheaper alternative you can use a sonoff RF bridge flashed with tasmota and these rf contact sensors as they give different signals for open and close.
It is real easy to flash the bridge as there isn't a need to solder anything.

Those are really good prices for the sensors. I think I'll give the smartthings a couple more weeks. I'll see how things go after I move the hubitat somewhere near the center of the house.

Mate check out HubDuino. @ogiewon has a garage door sketch that will allow you to open and close your door including monitoring its status using a reed switch. Also it will cost you stuff all.

Here's the details on the one I built including links to items etc. You can remove the motion and temp/humidity sensors though.

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Thanks for the link, that looks really cool. Those are the kind of things that I would like to do but we just moved into a new build and there is just so much stuff to do. I'm about to finish painting the fence tomorrow and then it's on to soil prep prior to laying the turf. My plan for the short term is to get the Hubitat up and running with a few sensors before I start tinkering with stuff like that

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No worries mate. Also don't worry I completely understand where your at as I get the keys to our new house build this week so we have been fencing, turfing, garden beds and a million other things too.

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Just installed your BOM driver, man.
Good stuff. Thanks

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Does anyone else use PowerPal ? I really like it, responsive and seems accurate and the bluetooth goes from the front of the house, through two brick walls and has a 50% strength signal at the tablet mounted on the wall,

Anyway, managed to get it so I could launch from a link button on the dashboard and then use the back button of the tablet to return to the dashboard (URI, discovered it by adding as an app to fullkiosk and then editing to see the link) but it would be great if the data could be used in HE in some way, although I very much doubt it.

Looks like they've got a restful api

As long as you've got an android device grabbing the data regularly you could hook an app/driver into it.

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Thanks, I will have to look at that some more :slight_smile:

has anyone tried the darkysky one vs this BOM one ?

Iโ€™ve got them both loaded up for comparison. I just havenโ€™t been bothered to do the comparison.
Iโ€™ve had DarkSky working for several months and I like the easy 3 day forecast view @Matthew delivered :+1:t3::blush:

Not strictly about Hubitat but for security around the house I'm trying to decide if I want to install door sensors on all entry doors (front door, internal garage door, 2 sliding doors) and have them set off a siren. Or on the other hand, just have 2 motion sensors on the hallway with each one pointing to the front and back of the house. Currently leaning towards the motion sensors just to keep things simple. What has everyone else done, did you attach sensors to most of your doors?

If itโ€™s for security you need to get both technologies. Motions false alarm far more often than door sensors do but combining them makes them much more reliable AND harder to fool.
All my external doors have sensors and all exposed windows.
Then I have motions in rooms and open areas

Never heard of it before, but now I want one :smile:

I've got my solar panel output syncing to Hubitat, but the missing link was always grid usage.
Thinking about the possible automations now to maximise solar power usage...


I've never heard of it. Interesting.
At first glance it looks to have similar data to the AGL / Solar Command App I have showing Usage, Sold to the grid, Daily costs, Energy Monitoring etc

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yeah im keen to try darksky as long its theres not too much load on my system

There is a LOT of load. Illuminance updates every 5 minutes, which means the logs update for nearly everything every 5 minutes. I have a few Aeotec sensors, so dont really need it, and am thinking of removing.

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