Hubitat Elevation - How to Factory Reset?

I searched the Community, and previous posts that showed details have - for some weird reason - all been deleted . . . .

How do I reset the Hubitat Elevation back to factory defaults?

I can't say for sure because I have never done this, but there is a "Full Reset" option in the same menu as the soft reset. See soft reset options below. @bobbyD can confirm.

I just had to do a soft reset and it keeps your equipment paired. I would assume that a full reset according to the description in the box will not keep your equipment. There may not be an option to reset to factory to remove your personal data. That might need to be requested. I hope that you aren't leaving @flotsam1 and perhaps just starting over?


Try the Soft Reset path first.

I've done the Full Reset on a hub and it does what it says it does...

  • wipes out the DB
  • deletes ZWave devices from the Radio
  • deletes Zigbee devices from the Radio
  • deletes registration info at

Which is ideal for reselling the Hub :slight_smile: Full reset is too "big a hammer" for 99% of issues.

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Nope, not leaving - I have too much time invested in smart home stuff. At first with Wink 2, and now for the past month with HE. As mentioned in my other post, the problem with Dashboard/Device discrepancies persists, so I am contemplating an exchange of the HE at Amazon.

Thanks all of the input - I checked port 8081 and that is exactly what I was looking for. The full reset is the way to go for now.

Don't do this without talking to our support team!

You probably want to do a Soft Reset, not a full reset. Full Reset is going to mess up your hub registration, and that's all it will do that a Soft Reset won't accomplish.


If Support hasn't already given you better ideas.. which they seem to do with regularity.. :frowning:

Save a Backup to your PC
Soft Reset then restore that Backup

If that doesn't work,

Soft Reset then just "start over" don't do the restore. Your devices will still be known to the Radios and you can rebuild a couple of test scenarios to see if it's the physical hardware or not.

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@csteele Thnx!

My frustration is described in this post:

I have a 2-day window remaining to exchange the HE at Amazon, so do not have much time available for further troubleshooting, and do not wish to be stuck with faulty HW . . . .

Don't worry about the time window. If you have faulty hardware (extremely rare) we would provide you a replacement irrespective of the Amazon time frame. Odds are that this is not a hardware issue.


Please contact if you haven't already done so.


Email sent.

YAY! You see? You see this? THAT'S WHY Hubitat. If anyone is still on the fence about jumping over. They take care of their customers and community. :+1:


ipaddress:8081 will get you to the reset menu

I emailed support on 5/6 and got a reply on 5/7. I am trying to factory reset my hub so I can give it to a friend of mine. Support told me to go to ipaddress:8081. Unfortunately when I go to this page, I get the Hubitat Elevation Updater Tool and I am presented with a few versions of firmware to switch to. How do I get passed this and do a factory reset? I replied to support on 5/7 but I have not seen a reply from them.

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When I go to my hub's IP :8081 I get this:

You are getting something different?

I do get something different. I am attempting to paste an image but it says I can't put images in a post.

Did you try just choosing a firmware, probably the newest one, and see what it did from there?

I tried updating the firmware and then when I get to the update tool it says I am running hub- and gives me options to switch to:

Can you get to the main menu?

What happens if you do your IP with 8080 instead of 8081?

Did you try a reboot?