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Hello everyone,

I have a lot of Smart devices in my home in the different application's. More specifically I have all of my lights with son off (ewelink) a lot of blitzwolf Smart plugs (Smart life) , Mi hub with zigbee devices like pir, door sensors, temperature sensors some wifi xiaomi cameras (imilab, mi security camera) (mi home app), Digoo security system with rf sensors. (Easy security) I can control a big part of my device's via Google home app but I don't like the interface. Can I use hubitat for dashboard at the beginning and in the future to make some rules between this deferent devices/apps? For example if door sensor from mi hub open, then son off device on or if rf sensor from my security system trigger then turn on blitzwolf plug?

Thank you!!!

You can do both of those things, but only if Hubitat supports the devices in some way. The easiest way us to use devices known to be compatible. See: List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation for the official list, but keep in mind that lots of mostly Z-Wave and Zigbee (ZHA or 3.0) devices will work even if not on that list, though some may need community drivers. Some LAN and cloud devices will also work with community drivers. Your best bet is to search the forum (here) for your specific devices, maybe using model numbers to be as precise as possible, to see if anyone has made them work. But, again, using "officially" compatible devices is generally the easiest way.

If nothing else works but they do integrate with Google Home, you can use that to your advantage--Hubitat integrates, too. However, the integration is one-way, Hubitat to Google; it can't directly get Google Home devices into Hubitat. Getting device states to "sync" between the two platforms is generally hard (so this might not work well for Dashboard viewing), but it's not too difficult to expose a virtual switch or something from Hubitat to Google Home that you could use to trigger a routine there that controls some Google-only device. This is also not super-easy, but the basics aren't too hard. How well it works will depend on how much information you really want to share between the two platforms.

In terms of community drivers there's a page that lists a lot of the compatible devices

There's also a very nice Android dashboard app that's nicer in my opinion than the official dashboard which is web based

Really? How? I don't think it is possible to trigger a routine in Google from HE. I wish it were possible. Currently you can only use voice or a time of day to trigger a routine in Google​ Assistant...

Oops, nope, I was thinking of Alexa. :slight_smile: Not sure if there's a way to do that with GH. (And it should be noted that for Alexa, a "switch" is generally easier to work with on the Hubitat side, but on the Alexa side it really has to be a sensor, so something like one of those "virtual switch/motion combo" drivers works best--but a plain virtual sensor with RM or a custom app would too.)

You might be interested in this integration. I’ve just done some testing with a new version of an integration that connects the Mijia Multimode Gateway ( The newest one) to Home Assistant without the need for the Mi Home app or a cloud connection.

It’s very fast and a very stable way to get Xiaomi devices into Hubitat without having to do anything but use HA as simply a means to join the devices.


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