Hubitat Android Widget

I just noticed there is a Hubitat Widget on my Android phone. It doesn't appear to do anything, but don't remember seeing it before.

It does not seem to work yet.

Here’s what @neonturbo said about the Android widget feature in another thread recently:

Widgets have been introduced in the latest update. You must update the hub to the latest release. Also, if you are stuck on a white screen with "Confugure" in the upper left corner, you can log out and back in (from Settings tab click "Hub" then select your hub again).

I see my problem. Mine says Configure, not Confugure... Just kidding.

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Not sure what you're talking about :slight_smile:

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It would be funnier if you hadn't corrected it...:slight_smile:


You're right I uncorrected it ...

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Did that and now all the devices show up to select from. Haven't updated my hub yet so it doesn't work, but like having the widget. Will this automatically determine local vs remote? That would make it easier on the wife rather than her having to decide if she's local or remote, wives being who they are....

Updated hub. Works great. Both local and remote. Thanks.

Would be a lot better if it was a 1x1 widget tho.


Signing out & in got me a PARTIAL list of devices.

What determines which devices appear on that list--and why are they not sorted alphabetically?

Also--there are TWO widgets available, the "Example" one is the one that brings up the list of devices. The "Dashboard" one doesn't let me see any devices ("Select device" comes back with an empty modal window "OK & Cancel" but nothing listed).


I only have the one widget.

I did that, still didn't work for me. Still no love...

I think only devices that are assigned to a room show up. I had a device not in a room, that didn't show up, when added to room after a "while" was able to assign to a widget.

I saw it 2.2.7 but the widgets didnt' work. After 2.2.8 that it stop showing up.

I've been on 2.2.8 since start of beta. Problem that I've had from the start is, when adding widget, get a white screen w "configure" text and nothing else. Somehow eventually, I can a widget.....

If I log out and back in to the app then a widget shows all my devices to choose from. I don’t use rooms, so not limited to that.

Am I right in thinking that thermostat devices are not yet supported? If so, are there any plans to support a thermostat widget?


Do they actually work yet, I've added a switch widget but nothing happing

Me too. Even with .136 update. Just get configure blank screen.

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