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On Android I had to go into apps and clear cache and data. After that I had to re-login. The devices tab then twirled for a while. I forced closed and restarted the app and now it seems to work.

[Little confused about where to post feedback on the apps... Developers->Beta Feedback or Mobile Apps->Mobile Beta]

I have noticed that the new iOS app seems to strongly prefer the cloud connection. It no longer switches to the local network on it's own, and even if I switch it to local manually, it always returns to cloud connection when switching apps. Is this intended behavior?

I’m having the same problem since the beta upgrade.

I logged the problem via TestFlight on iOS and also on the forums here.

Still no fix :frowning:

Can't get the Devices tab to show off more than a few components. Gave it every opportunity, reinstalled the app, update/reboot the hub, set up a new "room" and put everything in it, reboot the phone, no change, shows 4 devices.

The HE dashboard and other dashboard apps show everything. This one is an Android (Note 20 os 11). Also tried it on an ios thing with same results. Getting odd performance from those devices that do show up on both.

Anybody got a similar version of weird going on?

Anyone know what devices are available ? I was trying to get a Thermostat over, but that does not seem to work.

It has been noted elsewhere that switches, dimmers and bulbs are the only things current supported. Presumably, more to come.


How do we get this tiled view on Android? When I click what appears to be the tile view button I just get one device per each card\line not what's seen in this mobile app ad. I do see this view on an ipad.

I think you need to set up Rooms on the hub first. Did you do that?

If you do have rooms set up, there is a new button called Devices on the mobile app. It is not the normal Dashboard button.


I did have rooms created. Thanks for the suggestion. I'd not logged into the app but instead was going to the hub interface via the link the app presents without logging in. At that point the user is seeing what you would see in a mobile browser instance and not what you see if you login to the app itself. I'd given up on the app for presence because it was not dependable but was using it to navigate between multiple hubs via those links.

Just set this up for my wife. She likes it (She like the new ST app for this very reason.)

I'm soooo excited...when all devices will be enabled... can't wait!!! :grimacing:

I have two Hubitat hubs - both running

Although the hubs are in two different locations and on two different subnets ( and, both hubs are accessible when I am connected to my WiFi.

I am running android mobile app version 1.6.0 build 109.

If I switch locations in the mobile app, no devices appear in rooms for the newly selected location (if connected to the WiFi or internet). However, if I force close the mobile app and then repoen the app, all of my devices in the previously selected new location appear.

When connected to my WiFi, a single press on the device in the mobile app causes the device to change state and the state is correctly reflected in the app.

When connected via the internet, a single press on a device will usually get it to change state, but sometimes the mobile app does not reflect the change of state (and sometimes it does). When the state on the mobile app doesn't reflect the actual state, hitting the device again on the mobile app gets the state on the mobile app to change to reflect the physical state (without changing the physical state).

All in all, understanding these idiosyncrasies, I can effectively use the mobile app to control devices on either hub, connected locally or via the internet.

I've done this in my HE web app, and I'm using the Android app. The devices button in the droid app doesn't show anything.

Devices now show up now. Seemed to take a bit to load the first time.

So, my phone turns on grey mode overnight, no colors/dimmer. I woke up early today, opened up my app, and it looked like all my lights were on. I use modes for turning off my lights at night. Thinking my mode switch didn't work, I started manually adjusting the state of my lights.

I stopped and turned on colors and realized everything was working as it should, and items were correctly off overnight.

Does this create any potential issues with people with vision issues/color blindness? Or is this something transparent or there with all apps/dashboards?

Just noticed that when adding new widget to Android phone's screen there is new widget called Hubitat. I tested it and it just shows "configure" text and nothing can be done.
What should happen..what kind of widget should I be able to add from Hubitat?

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I posted about this in the 2.2.8 bug thread for Android.

It works, you have to long press that configure button. When you do that it gives you a list of devices to choose from. It is pretty limited, you only can get a 2x1 widget right now, but it is a good start.

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Absolutely nothing happens when pressing long that "configure" text. Is that eve a button cause my screen shows only text. Not sure what's up but I can't get anything out from it.

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I would love to see Hubitat be a part of the new Android 11 power menu smart home area. AFAIK it only has Google home stuff right now and I think SmartThings when using a Samsung phone, but it would be very nice to get something more powerful in that space. It would also go a long way in closing the gap that Homekit has as far as a front end.

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