Hubitat and Govee

Hi all,
I am fairly new to the Habitat community. I have Govee LED lighting throughout the house and would like to connect them to the hub for scene control. I have read wifi/bluetooth devices won't be able to connect to Hubitat. If not, has anyone had success connecting Govee lighting to Hubitat?

I came across this on the web......not sure if this has been successful. TIA!!


This one posted on the forums I know works, but looking at the one you found, it looks a lot better just by looking at the code, I am going to try it out.

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I use that integration for a few different Govee things. It will likely work with your lights if it is able to be controlled via Wifi. If your device is bluetooth only there is a decent chance that driver won't work for that. Also be aware that not all functions that are on bluetooth are available via wifi depending on your strip.

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So I tested out the one OP posted. Feel more robust to me, it also sets up its own polling. The driver I posted does not poll so you have to create a rule for it. I did not like how for debugging you have to edit the code instead of a simple toggle. Also the polling is not configurable. I made a few tweaks such as setting the polling to 10 mins instead of 2. The on/off status is not mission critical so 10 minutes is good for me. Also added a cron job schedule for every 2 hours to refresh as backup in case the other runIn ever failed. I think if the hub reboots the polling wont get scheduled again either unless you manually refresh the device. I might fork one of these two eventually and make a tidied up version but works for now. I only have one LED strip in a kids room and I mainly use the integration to schedule it to shut off when they go to school otherwise it would be on 24/7

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New, confused user here. I had no issues adding the driver code, but I'm confused as to what to do with the index.html file. I tried adding it to as apps code, but got an "unexpected token: < @ line 1, column 1" error. Can someone help out the newbie over here?


The index.html you just donwload to your PC and open it in your browser (double click). It helps you find the info you need to plug into the driver so it can talk to your device.

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Figured it out. Thanks for the reply!

Driver also works for the Govee Lyra Floor Lamp H6072

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The driver code and method the OP posted is brilliant - easy to follow instructions for a novice like myself and all my govee lights are now working in Hubitat. Massive thank you to the Dean for developing the code.

One thing I'm not sure of - now that I can control the Govee lights through hubitat, is this local control?

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No, the Govee public API is cloud based only. It is pretty snappy though so it works in a pinch.

If you want local control, I saw a plugin for homebridge the other day that connects via bluetooth if you have one with the bluetooth control. It wont go back to Hubitat though, only to homebridge/homekit. I am guessing there is a similar home assistant plugin as well for bluetooth. I hope to setup HA eventually one day just so I can tinker with some bluetooth stuff and integrate it to the hub.


The link from diablo2184 worked for me.

Is anyone else having an issue with the dashboard not keeping in sync with the state of the govee device if it wasn't turned off/on through habitat but separately with a remote or alexa? If so any ideas on how to resolve it?

I don’t have these, but I know you have to poll them for their state, they don’t report back when they change. For things like this that don’t report state, I integrate them from HE to Alexa/HomeKit/Google to avoid this problem.

Thanks, what's the best way to setup polling so that the current state is reflected in the dashboard?

Also how does your integration into Alexa help solve the problem of the state not appearing correctly in the dashboard?

I’ve read that there is polling in the driver, but it’s dependent on how often the polling takes place as to how long it remains out of sync.

By sharing devices from HE to Alexa instead of via an Alexa app HE is issuing the device commands.


Depends on what driver you are using.
This driver in this thread is setup to refresh automatically every 2 minutes.
There is another driver on the forum which does not have any automatic polling so you would need to setup a rule to have it refresh when you want.

I have used both, and they both refresh correctly for me (the Obi2000 driver using a rule).


I removed all my devices from alexa and then reshared them via hubitat and now their state is staying in sync on the dashboard. thanks so much for you help!

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Any chance to get this to connect to the H6199 model?

It should work with the h6199. I have two of those strips and they work fine with the Govee API. I use the Govee Imerssion driver show above in this thread and it works fine with it.

The API is the same for both.

It did work, I now have it tied into rule machine so I can say "turn on LG" and the Govee lights come on along with my home theater lights, etc.

If only I could control the TV without having to build homeassistant. :slight_smile: