Hubitat Alexa skill and linking problems

I have been using Alexa for many years without issues, but today my integration broke. I unlinked it and tried relinking but it failed. Even more odd is when I went to link my account with Alexa, after entering my username and password, my two hubs showed up plus a bunch or other hubs that I don't recognize. Something looks off. Anyone else seen this? Here's a screen shot of my linking attempt showing the additional random hubs. The last two are mine and are legit, the others are not.

Thought I should add that when I log into the other bogus hubs don't show up.

Tagging @support_team.

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That's very odd. Do you mind if I check your account to get to the bottom of the issue?

Not quite the same but this morning many of my devices are not responding to Alexa. The odd thing is some still do. I get the message that the device is not responding. Using the Hubitat dashboard, devices respond fine. I have disconnected devices and then added to the Alexa skill, but no luck. I would say maybe 15 of the 60+ devices I have are not functioning. No changes since yesterday when they were working. Running C5.

I've had this problem for several weeks. I'm still awaiting a reply from support who I've PM'd but still no RSVP. The issue is extremely annoying however I can confirm that since I have disabled the Alexa app in HE, I've stopped getting severe load warnings. Amazon Echo Skill- Pending Asynchronous HTTP error and severe hub load

Sure! Please help in any way possible.

I was getting those too and they stopped as well.

Probably related.

Hi, can you simplify please. I'm not a Techy so really don't understand the nuts and bolts of this thread. Can you advise a simple resolution

I’m still getting this weird bogus hub behavior and I still can’t link my Alexa account. Can someone please help.

After getting some time to work on this, I disabled and then enabled the Alexa skill and she appears to cooperate now. I am able to voice control my devices now. After almost 3 years that’s the first time that has happened.

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