Amazon Echo Skill- Pending Asynchronous HTTP error and severe hub load

Hi, my echos have been disconnecting every 2-3 days from Hubitat. To reconnect, I'm required to disable the skill in the Alexa app and then re-enable. (This doesn't always work). Ive also been getting severe hub load messages which presumably are linked to the below logs. Can anyone explain what is occuring and how I prevent these errors. Please help a very frustrated HE user :pray:

Mind sending me a PM along with your hub id?

Absolutely! I'm away from home at the moment. By hub ID, do you mean my Mac Address?

MAC address would be helpful too. If you access the Hub Details from Settings page you could get both.

Hooray for remote Admin. I'll message you now Bobby

Hi @gopher.ny

Bobby forwarded my PM to you, I'm still no further on with this Amazon Alexa issue, would you mind taking a look for me please. My Mac and hub ID are contained within the PM. Appreciated in advance