HubDuino - Arduino / ESP8266 custom integration is working!

@patrick, @bamarayne, and @bravenel,

First - Just wanted to say "Wow!" I was totally shocked when I found Hubitat today. At first I was thinking... OK, another HA hub. Then I started recognizing some amazing ST developers that I always respected over the years. Once I realized this, I placed my order immediately for my Hubitat Elevation. Looking forward to local control, finally!

So, my next question is whether or not I will be able to easily migrate my Arduino custom devices from ST to Hubitat? I realize that the old ThingShield will most likely never be supported, and I am fine with that. I have added LAN connectivity to my ST_Anything Arduino library that runs on Arduino UNO, Arduino MEGA, Arduino MKR1000, ESP8266, and EPS32 microcontrollers. I would love to add the ability to integrate Arduino's with Hubitat.

Thoughts? I see LAN connectivity is an option. I am hoping for a fairly simple integration method that resembles the old ThingShield's passing of strings in bidirectionally (i.e. simple name/value pairs.)

And once again, "Wow!" I am very excited about this new platform and very much appreciate everyone who has worked hard to make this happen! Congratulations! Looking forward to getting my hands on the hub!



Hi Dan,

Good to hear from you! I think there’s a decent chance the ThingShield might actually pair up, although I have not tried it. It’s pretty vanilla Zigbee IIRC. Otherwise, LAN is straight forward, and we also support Telnet.




Sounds good! Fun times ahead.

Are there any developer docs available yet?



Hey Dan,
Interfacing with my arduino “security system” and an esp8266 open/close sensor were some of the first things I had working on Hubitat. You’ll find that you will be able to connect your arduino up with minimal changes. I believe you are still using the arduino/esp8266 LAN code that I developed, so you should be good to go.




You’re my hero! The biggest change I have made over the past year or so, is to use the new ST Composite Device Handler. Any chance something similar is supported already in Hubitat?




We do not support a model like that currently. You would have to create an App to handle the interaction between the device and any “child” devices.

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With a little help from @chuck.schwer and @bravenel, I now have a working HubDuino (Hubitat + Arduino) using my ST_Anything Arduino libraries. This is using LAN connectivity, as I have not tried the old ThingShield at this time.

I currently have an ESP8266 with one “Switch” device capability, fully working and communicating through all local LAN connectivity. No cloud involved! I even have it mapped over to a virtual device in SmartThings using @krlaframboise 's SmartApp, Device Handlers, and Hubitat synch App. I am amazed at how smoothly everything is working!

I need to do some more work before I release anything, but it should be too long.



Dan, please keep me posted on your progress of the ThingShield, believe last time you and I PM'ed about it you have several still working in ST too. As you may remember I co-authored the AD2SmartThings integration with Stan and eventually I will need to figure out a way to get that working in Hubitat. Though with Kevin's amazing hub sync app that can definitely wait! I realize I could buy a LAN shield but prefer not to touch that device if at all possible other than changing the device driver to process the events.

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You’ll be happy to know that I have already gotten the old ThingShield up and running on Hubitat with the amazing help of @chuck.schwer and @bravenel. The “ThingShield” functions we wrote for sending and parsing messages may even be added to the native Hubitat API in the future, thereby simplifying the process for end-users.

I will be writing up some documentation and publishing the code soon for users. Stay tuned for more information in the coming days!


You are amazing! Thank you all for your efforts. Just need more time over the weekend to tackle more than 7 of 125 devices!

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First release of HubDuino can be found here
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Circling back to this thread to announce that the AD2SmartThings project has been successfully ported over to Hubitat. It was actually much easier than I thought. The only thing I had to do on the Arduino was pair it with Hubitat and restart it. I had to make a few minor adjustments to the Driver and App to make it work with Hubitat. @ogiewon's great examples in his GitHub made that very easy.

I don't plan on publishing a release like Stan and I did so please PM me if you want the code. With the ThingShield discontinued that project died but there are a few of us like @CAL.hub and @rgreenpc who are moving over here that still use this integration so I am happy to help support those that still use it. I don't plan on porting it over to Ethernet or Wifi as I have a spare working ThingShield in the event my primary decides to fail.


I actually ported @rgreenpc ‘s Arduino code a few days ago for him. It’s an older version, so may not be for everyone, but does demonstrate the code changes that are required.

Hubitat/home-alarm-device-type.groovy at master · ogiewon/Hubitat · GitHub

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For those who wonder if it can be used with a Linknode R4. It can ! I just made a 4ch relay with to button fully working with hubitat.

My heat exchanger board died(350$) and was discontinued.
With this 12 $ board it's now smart, and the switches in the bathrooms still works !

The code needs a bit of modification but I know next to nothing and it works beautifully.
If anywone is interested in having the code to save some time just ask

@glabbe0299 if you still have your handy, may I please have a look to see what changes you did to make things work? Thank You

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