Alarm integration (Canada)

not sure how many Canadians are on here but if there are any i am curious if you have integrated your alarm system with hubitat.
I am considering buying this one
Think Protection Home Alarm Security System Premium Package since they have a z-wave adapter available separately. getting information out of them is difficult as they don't seem to want to answer questions via email only phone (i prefer details in writing).

I'm Canadian and move into a house that had an alarm installed, cancelled the contract with the company (had to pay them for that) and kept the hardware which is a DSC PC1832 panel.

The alarm company which is a horrible one with tons of horror stories on the net, refused to give me the installer code so I bought an Envisalink and brute forced the code (took about 4 days) and now using it integrated to Hubitat, quite happy with it...

Toronto police won't respond to automated alarms anyway, so what's the point?
The only benefit that I can find to being monitored is cheaper house insurance.

I'm in Toronto. I have iSmart Alarm, but they are really not integrated with much of anything. I do some basic arm/disarm with HE via their IFTTT integration. There's an Alexa integration, and Echo Speaks might work with it for that.

However, if I were to do this again, I would look at either Scout or Ring. Google's offering is nice, but Google has a way of abandoning too much. Not the type of thing you want to see abandoned. At this point it's looking like I may have another soon to be door stop. iSmart Alarm has had a lot of deep discounts on product lately. 50% off on everything is the latest. Not a good sign.

I'm not into paid monitoring, but I can see the attraction to the one Costco is selling. You could potentially control that from Hubitat if you added Google Assistant Relay to your setup. With that, you can control anything that Google home can control, but silently and fully automated. It is all cloud based control though, so not the best option. I think that's where you're at with all of them though.

Perhaps the only local solution is what people have done with HubDuino or Konnected

Just suggesting that no matter which of those you choose, you're basically rolling the bones. The two that will probably be there long term are Scout and Ring because of the investment in them. Google would be the obvious third because of the amount of money ABC has, but they don't have a good track record with things that don't have an ad model.

I am wanting monitoring. a number of years ago my house was broken into since then I have always had an alarm. the police in my area have a "no job too small" policy so they will (and have) respond to any calls from the monitoring company.

currently have an old brinks system (adt bought the home alarm division years from them years ago). the system is about 15 years old so it relay needs replacing.

Scout looks interesting although I cant see anything on there site to confirm if its available in Canada.

Ring is my second choice. not a fan of there data use. I have their doorbell and while i like it i don't like the fact that they use recordings for face recognition training.

Not sure but isn't that what the konnected is perfect for. You can utilize the same sensors and wiring that you currently have and update the brains to be integrated. I wish I had an old system so I could play with this.

Noonlight was also looking great for something like this but its US only. You flip a switch in HE and it notifies them. They text and call you and finally call authorities if they get no answer.

I was also going to look into cell backup for my hub as I already have a UPS on it, but just haven't gotten to that point yet.