Hub Update 2.0.9

Hubitat Elevation Platform update 2.0.9 is now available:

Please note, the process takes about a minute to download (depending on your Internet connection) and extract the hub update, and 1-2 minutes to perform the update after you click 'Update Hub'. We recommend that you periodically download a backup of your setup from the Settings page, Backup and Restore.

Changes from 2.0.8:

Platform Additions / Changes

  • Added encodeAsBase() and decodeBase64() methods for Strings, etc.
  • Use TTL of 2 on SSDP messages and add option to change value for UPnP
  • httpGet, httpPost, asynchttpGet, asynchttpPost, etc allow configurable timeout.
  • Device Discovery now logs join and exclude events to live logging
  • MQTT Client is available as an alpha level feature. See this post.

Drivers and Devices

  • New drivers:
    • Lutron Fan Control
    • NYCE Iris Tilt Sensor (3014)
    • Iris V1 Care Pendant
    • GoControl Z-Wave Thermostat (GC-TBZ48)
    • Radio Thermostat (CT101)
    • Aeotec Nano Dimmer (ZW111)
    • Qubino Dimmer Module (ZMNHDD3)
    • HomeSeer Leak Sensor (HS-LS100+)
  • New device support:
    • Sunricher (ZG9101SAC-HP) using Generic Zigbee Dimmer
    • Visonic Contact Sensor (MCT-340 SMA) using Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor
    • Leviton (VRI06-1LZ and VRI10-1LZ) using Generic Z-Wave Dimmer
    • HomePro (ZRP110) using Generic Z-Wave Outlet
    • GE/Jasco (ZW4101 and ZW4201) using Generic Z-Wave Outlet
    • Graber AutoView Roller Blinds using Generic Z-Wave Shade
    • Leviton (VRS15-1LZ and DZS15-1LZ) using Generic Z-Wave Switch
    • GE Smart Door Sensor (ZW6301) using Generic Z-Wave contact sensor
  • New driver features:
    • Lutron Shade: add calibration routine and dashboard support
    • Iris V1 Outlet: add power reporting
    • Generic Z-Wave Smoke Detector: add CRC16 support
    • Generic Z-Wave Outlet: add CRC16 support
    • Leviton Fan Controller: re-write to support Fan Control capability
    • GE Smart Fan Control: re-write to support Fan Control and button capabilities
    • Hue Motion Sensor: Add motion retrigger preference setting
    • Iris V1 sensors: Add temperature offset preference setting

New App Features

  • Lutron Integration: Supports Lutron Fan Control.
  • Hubitat Safety Monitor: Allows for valve close from water alert, or smoke alert (gas valve).
  • Rule 3.0. New version of Rule Machine with new action definition: See this post.
  • Maker API:
    • New Modes endpoints
      • /modes gets all modes
      • /modes/:id sets the mode based on its ID
    • New HSM endpoints
      • /hsm gets the current hsm status
      • /hsm/:value set the hsm status to :value
    • All endpoints are now condensed JSON and you can get the pretty formatting via &prettyPrint=true at the end of any request.
  • Dashboard:
    • New CSS Editor in Advanced
    • Cloud dashboard command send gets poll result immediately.
    • New Level Vertical Slider Template
    • Fan Template now only supports setSpeed, level is removed from template.

Bug Fixes

  • Rule Machine:
    • Fixed bug for smoke detector test event.
    • Fixed bugs related to comparing variables.
  • All keypad drivers: Disable countdown alerts for partial (armHome or armNight) digital/physical arming.
  • Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer: fixed setLevel string error.
  • Apps UI fixed for iOS time input.
  • Fixed errant “Hub is not registered” message.
  • Dashboard:
    • Fixed iOS icon shifting on update.
    • Fixed bulb template not able to click on icon.
    • Fixed spaces in thermostat modes.
    • Fixed issue with date formatting in History.
  • Notifier: Fixed bug preventing display of limits to notifications.
  • HSM Custom Rule:
    • Fixed bug preventing display of limits to notifications.
    • Fixed bug with color light alert.
  • state.clear() now works correctly in drivers.
  • Iris V1 sensors: fixed invalid temperature readings when actual temperature was less than 0°C.
  • Aeotec Bulb drivers: any color command now turns bulb on if it was off.

We have released hot fix This fixes two bugs in Notifier concerning temperature and humidity notifications, and fixes a couple of bugs in Rule 3.0. Fade Dimmer over Time was fixed, along with a Repeat actions bug, and a Rule Machine API bug.


We have released hot fix This fixes these bugs in Rule Machine:

  • Resume rule
  • IF-THEN bug
  • Repeat bugs
  • Push button action bug
  • Global variable as trigger event bug
  • Simultaneous Fade Dimmer over time
  • Fan Speed

Note, What was called Fan Control action is now called Fan Speed. If you were using Fan Control, you need to re-do those actions to use Fan Speed.

Fade Dimmer over time now has an interval you can set, that defaults to 10 seconds. This is how often the dimmer(s) will be adjusted during the fade. Shorter intervals make for smoother fade transitions, but bang on your hub/mesh more.

There is now a new button available for Rules, "Update this Rule". Update this Rule does the same thing as hitting Done, without leaving the rule. It creates subscriptions and schedules, initializes the app (or re-initializes). Note: you must still hit Done the first time to create the rule and install it.

For Dashboard: Fan template customization is fixed.


We have released hot fix This fixes bugs in Rule 3.0, and extends a feature:

  • Repeat actions is fixed. This now allows multiple repeat actions in a single action set (e.g. Actions for True, etc).
  • Testing lock/keypad codes in a conditional action is fixed.
  • The Chime action is fixed.
  • It is now possible to set any parameter of a Custom Action from a variable. Be sure the variable type matches the parameter type.

Note, whenever using a Global Variable in an action instead of a number, e.g., setting a dimmer, use %variable-name% to represent the Global Variable. If previously, you used %variable-name, without the second %, you will have to edit those actions to use both % to enclose the Global Variable name. It is also possible in each of these contexts to use %value% to use the most recent event value.