Hub-to-Hub Migration

Don't think you need another hub from a number of devices standpoint as there are several people on here with more devices. You mentioned that you took the power reporting down to 5 minutes, has that helped? May want to check to see if any of your devices are ones that are known problems on the C-7 (the ZSE40 Zooz 4-in-1 comes to mind -List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation).

Also can check the device runtime stats to see if there are any that seem to occupying a high % of the activity. (http://hub-ip/runtimeStats#device-stats-panel)

If I buy a new hub is because I suspect a malfunction in mine.

These Zooz devices (ZEN25) are listed without any problem.

Here is the activity:

Would these 2 others happen to be these?

Edit: Disregard I didn't see the last post


Hi there, I see that you have sent us an email today (ticket 22394) and the last ticket we had from you was back in January (ticket 20290). Do you happen to have a ticket number for the email you sent us a week ago?

For today's ticket, we will further investigate and get back to you as soon as possible.

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Sorry I don't have my ticket number. So I decided to resend my email today and this time I keep my ticket. Probably I did something wrong in my first ticket.

I WAS WRONG !!!! I just check on the devices and they are ZEN25 and NOT ZEN30. I'm at the right firmware, latest Hub update. But I don't know which one is parameter 18. I will exclude my 4 Zooz devices and see if it helps. Thank's for the good advice.


If you don't get an automated email that a ticket number was assigned, chances are that we didn't receive your email. Someone last week, for example, sent emails to my personal address, which has restrictive spam filter and I rarely check the spam folder. Please be sure to send emails to


Good to know. Thank you very much. I know Hubitat is the BEST !


I excluded all 4 Zooz devices, shut down the hub, unplug and replug it.

Same problem :frowning: !!!

I took a look at your hub's error log and I don't think you have a Z-wave problem, but rather a database problem. Something appears to be locking your hub. I see errors from several custom integrations. I would screen the logs more closely to identify which integrations may be locking your hub. Also, if you didn't do so already, I suggest performing a "Soft Reset" with restore by following instructions in below document:

I just did a soft reset and restore and I was unable to control my zwave devices. Same problem again, zwave devices are not responding anymore.

How can I identify if a custom integration locks the hub ? There should be some specific errors ?

As you said in your email I will try to disable custom code and let you know during the weekend if it fixes the problem.

Was it only Z-wave that wasn't responding?

Hub is looking good after reset. I see the Z-wave queue was full the other day. If you didn't do so already, please unplug the hub from the wall outlet for a minute before plugging back in. Going forward you may need to adjust frequency of Z-wave polling and/or the number of events the radio receives, to avoid filling up the queue. That may explain the problems you've been having with the Z-wave devices. Unfortunately, moving the mesh to a new hub will not resolve this problem.

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Thank you very much for your great help. I will test that during the weekend but I already found 2 apps that seem to take a lot of resources.

And it's already running better.


Yes, Wifi stuff was working fine. Did not try Zigbee.


I'm glad you went down the path of troubleshooting your existing C-7 over starting over with a new C-7.


Thank you all, I still have to investigate to find the exact driver/app causing my problem but now it's already working most of the time.

You are ALL making a great team and it's one reason I like Hubitat so much.

Thank's to all of you.


I found the problem. For the last 2 days I did so many tests. I'm writing this message in case somebody has the same problem in the future.

My Zwave network was dead, not responding to any request. It was working fine after a reboot for few minutes.

As @bobbyD mentioned, I had a problem with custom apps/devices. I made tons of tests looking at what was causing the problem.

I have 4 Zooz double plugs ZEN25. They are mentioned to have problem with hubitat [INCIDENT] ZOOZ Double Plug (MODEL ZEN25)
My Zooz devices were working fine for many weeks. But after ALL my testing I found that using ZEN25 with the custom app Tile Master 2 where I was displaying 3 Zooz devices on the same tile, my hub was not responding anymore. Even after applying the changes specified in the previous link (for ZEN25) i still had this problem. But by removing only the TlleMaster 2 for these devices fixed my problems.

So in conclusion, the combination of using Zooz double plug Zen25 with tile master 2 (3 devices for one tile) caused the hub to stop responding to zwave commands.

After removing the link between them, it's working like a brand new hub.

Thank you to everybody that helped me on that one especially @bobbyD.


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