Hub-to-Hub Migration

Routes will eventually fill in as the devices check in with the hub - not unusual after a reboot for them to be blank for a while. Battery devices tend to be blank longer do to the nature of their check in cycle.

A high RTT and/or negative relative signal strength (RSSI) are indicators that a device may be having issues communicating - may not be causing an issue, but may need a repeater or two to help them.

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I have 2 aeotec extender.

It was working fine for few months ans stopped working without adding a new device.

Shuold I buy a new hub ?

Don't think you need another hub from a number of devices standpoint as there are several people on here with more devices. You mentioned that you took the power reporting down to 5 minutes, has that helped? May want to check to see if any of your devices are ones that are known problems on the C-7 (the ZSE40 Zooz 4-in-1 comes to mind -List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation).

Also can check the device runtime stats to see if there are any that seem to occupying a high % of the activity. (http://hub-ip/runtimeStats#device-stats-panel)

If I buy a new hub is because I suspect a malfunction in mine.

These Zooz devices (ZEN25) are listed without any problem.

Here is the activity:

Would these 2 others happen to be these?

Edit: Disregard I didn't see the last post


Hi there, I see that you have sent us an email today (ticket 22394) and the last ticket we had from you was back in January (ticket 20290). Do you happen to have a ticket number for the email you sent us a week ago?

For today's ticket, we will further investigate and get back to you as soon as possible.

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Sorry I don't have my ticket number. So I decided to resend my email today and this time I keep my ticket. Probably I did something wrong in my first ticket.

I WAS WRONG !!!! I just check on the devices and they are ZEN25 and NOT ZEN30. I'm at the right firmware, latest Hub update. But I don't know which one is parameter 18. I will exclude my 4 Zooz devices and see if it helps. Thank's for the good advice.


If you don't get an automated email that a ticket number was assigned, chances are that we didn't receive your email. Someone last week, for example, sent emails to my personal address, which has restrictive spam filter and I rarely check the spam folder. Please be sure to send emails to


Good to know. Thank you very much. I know Hubitat is the BEST !


I excluded all 4 Zooz devices, shut down the hub, unplug and replug it.

Same problem :frowning: !!!

I took a look at your hub's error log and I don't think you have a Z-wave problem, but rather a database problem. Something appears to be locking your hub. I see errors from several custom integrations. I would screen the logs more closely to identify which integrations may be locking your hub. Also, if you didn't do so already, I suggest performing a "Soft Reset" with restore by following instructions in below document:

I just did a soft reset and restore and I was unable to control my zwave devices. Same problem again, zwave devices are not responding anymore.

How can I identify if a custom integration locks the hub ? There should be some specific errors ?

As you said in your email I will try to disable custom code and let you know during the weekend if it fixes the problem.

Was it only Z-wave that wasn't responding?

Hub is looking good after reset. I see the Z-wave queue was full the other day. If you didn't do so already, please unplug the hub from the wall outlet for a minute before plugging back in. Going forward you may need to adjust frequency of Z-wave polling and/or the number of events the radio receives, to avoid filling up the queue. That may explain the problems you've been having with the Z-wave devices. Unfortunately, moving the mesh to a new hub will not resolve this problem.

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Thank you very much for your great help. I will test that during the weekend but I already found 2 apps that seem to take a lot of resources.

And it's already running better.


Yes, Wifi stuff was working fine. Did not try Zigbee.


I'm glad you went down the path of troubleshooting your existing C-7 over starting over with a new C-7.


Thank you all, I still have to investigate to find the exact driver/app causing my problem but now it's already working most of the time.

You are ALL making a great team and it's one reason I like Hubitat so much.

Thank's to all of you.