Hub memory is now negative

This hub normally uses about 25 to 36 Mb for the database. It started going up to over 2000 Mb. It is now at -2101 Mb. Any suggestions, @bravenel ?

Tagging @gopher.ny


Thanks. I never know who to tag. Is there a list that shows their expertise?

Negative is an overflow condition. Recommend downloading a backup, doing a soft reset and then restoring the backup.


That did the trick. Thanks. I wasn't sure if the negative db size was problematic, but apparently not, as this solution still worked.

Much better.

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The negative database size bug will get fixed in 2.2.8.
Also, there will be a very insistent advice to do a soft reset if the database is that large, with an easy way to initiate said soft reset right there on the alert page.


How do you access this information?

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