Hub discovery isn't working [Fixed]

I have very few LAN ports on my router, so I connected my Hubitat hub through a switch. inital device Discovery does not work when the hub is connected through a switch, even by mac address, and even with the correct ip range

Could you expand on what you mean by this? Are you trying to discover zigbee/z-wave devices, or LAN devices (like Sonos speakers)?

If they're z-wave/zigbee, have then been excluded/unpaired from the previous controller/coordinator? And are the devices in pairing mode?

Trying to set up the hub for the first time.

Ahh ...

So both of my Hubitats are connected via switches (although everything is on a single subnet - no VLANs here). Two questions:

  1. What color is the LED on the Hubitat?
  2. Did you purchase it from Hubitat or from Amazon? Was it an Amazon warehouse deal?
  1. It was green when i was trying to setup
  2. No, directly from Hubitat, like 4 days ago.

If it is green, that means it is online (and presumably has registered with Hubitat's server).

Are you saying that you cannot find it through


Can you try the Advanced discovery method on

Yes, the inital setup/discovery process would not work, even the advanced options, until I connected the hubitat hub directly to the router. I might be able to move it back to the switch now that its set up, but it would not discovery it on the network while connected through the switch.

Is it a Netgear switch?

it is...
NETGEAR 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Smart Managed Plus Switch (GS908E)

Ok - here's what you do:

Does that switch let you set port speed? It must, it is a managed switch. Set the port speed for the Hubitat to be 100 mbps and see if it works.

BTW, always shutdown the Hubitat using the menu (and not by pulling the power cord out).

Edit: if it does, then follow these directions from @bobbyD

Thank you. I'll try it in a bit, doing my inital porting of wink to Hubitat right now. 100+ devices to port over. I'll try moving the hub to the switch after, and if its not working, try setting the port speed.

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Good luck! Couple important suggestions:

  1. Please add your line-powered z-wave and zigbee devices before adding the battery-powered ones.
  2. Add line-powered devices in the order of their distance from the Hubitat Elevation (closest devices first).

Good to know. I don't current have any line powered zigbee or zwave device, only Lutron Clear Connect (Serena wired shades) and some Quirky spotters, which I assume are dead now. All my zigbee/zwave stuff is battery powered (motion and contact sensors)

Ahh - let me urge you to read these two documents before you add your devices:

Also, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Quirky Spotters will not work with Hubitat.

Thanks I'll read them over. I figured on the Quirky spotters. I'll probably eventually replace them with Aeotec Multi 3 and 6

The Multisensor6 is on the official compatible device list. The 3 isn't. Doesn't mean it won't work, but it is a good idea to double check the compatible device list before any purchases ....

I would advise HIGHLY against this. Forcing the speed on the switch will likely result in a slew of CRC errors being introduced between the hub and switch, potentially causing all sorts of random issues on your network.

The fix that kicks in after 24 hours resolves the link speed issues without introducing CRC errors. You can also use the manual address to force the fix on the hub. It resolves the issue as well.

I have the switch in question and although I had zero issues with portal detection I did have the negotiation issue and noted manual speed setting resulted in instant crcs

Did you read my entire post? Or just the first sentence?

I read the entire thing.... No where do you mention it having the potential to cause network problems if he manually sets it and leaves it so I felt it needed mentioning.

Not sure why you feel the need to question my comprehension... Just because your an "ambassador" doesn't mean you know it all or have personal experience with every issue.... As someone with this specific switch and experiences with its potential issues I do, So I added my RELEVANT experience and knowledge to the discussion.

I did nothing to imply your advice was bad, and even backed up the rest of what you said.... But I guess my disagreement on the one thing makes anything I say worthless huh?

I specifically directed the OP to test if setting the port speed worked, and if it did, to follow Hubitat's instructions.

I'm sorry you didn't get that.