HSM Generates Failure Notifications for Open Garage Door Immediately Upon Mode-Away Even with Arming Delay Set

I’m having an issue with arming failure notifications for a garage door… the notifications are happening immediately upon arming. I have an arming delay set, but as soon as I set mode to away and HSM arms away, I get an alert that my garage door did not arm properly (it only starts closing upon mode change to away). I would expect that if HSM delay is set, it would only try to arm at the end of the delay time and I would only get the alert at that time if the garage door remains opened. Isn’t that the point of an arming delay - so I can exit and close any doors before it arms? Is there perhaps a bug? Thanks!

More info:

  1. Arming triggers garage door to close.
  2. HSM is configured to auto arm/disarm Arm-Away 30 seconds after Mode Away
  3. Garage Door is configured to auto-bypass
  4. Notifications are configured for arming failures/bypass warnings (these happen immediately upon Mode-Away instead of at the end of the 30 second period if door is still open)

Same unanswered question here: https://community.hubitat.com/t/hsm-delays-and-notifications/58462

As you correctly pointed out, I never received an answer either but what I ended up doing is installing the Nykelharpa extension.

This isn't a perfect solution because the right solution is to build this function into the standard HSM - having an arming delay that isn't respected by notifications is a bug in my mind - but it does work and achieves the outcome that I think you are looking for.


Ah, thanks. I’ll take a look!

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