HSM Delays and Notifications

I have done a bit of reading on this topic and the closest I have been able to come is https://community.hubitat.com/t/delay-arming-armed-away-not-working-as-expected/5528/11 but this doesn't quite answer the question that I have, and I am certain that I am not alone in this scenario so somebody out there will havecome across it.

I have HSM set up to Arm-Away when all in-scope presence sensors leave and quote often this is done through the garage. I have a rule set up that if the garage hasn't been closed manually then it should also close when the mode goes to Away. To get around the problem of the door being open when HSM starts to arm I have put a 60 second delay on the arming and to alert us if for some reason the door hasn't been able to close I have an HSM notification set that tells us arming has failed.

The problem I am seeing is the notifications fire as soon as the delayed arming starts, and because it is set to repeat it keeps on going, even though the garage door is not shut and the system armed (although just writing this I am not 100% sure about that last bit - need to test more). Anyway, what would make more sense to me would be for the notifications to either ignore the door that is open and set notifications on the other doors which wqe expect to be closed or to delay the notification until the delay on the arming has expired and the system is actually trying to arm itself. Does this make sense? What am I missing?

Oh, I am aware that I could probably build a whole bunch of logic into rules to address the specific situation but it doesn't seem to make sense when you have a perfectly functional HSM solution that has all the logic (or most of it at least) built into it.

All help gratefully received