HSM failure to arm away due to open contact?

In my arm away scenerio I include all windows contact sensors. If a contact is open, does HSM go ahead and arm, or does it stop?

You can configure it to do either, I believe. It’s been a while since I’ve looked at my HSM setup.

Edit: never mind, not sure why I thought I had it configured differently on two hubs. It fails to arm but you can set a notification that it didn’t arm.

Interesting, is there a way around this?

There isn't. You could not include the devices in question in HSM if this is a common occurrence.

then set a rule to notify you if that particular contact sensor is open when your house arms.

It's an older one that loses its mind half the time. I'll move it to a different window and not include it. I'll work on the notification. Thanks.


Yes use nyckelharpa app. Search the forum, it works perfect and has many other features

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This. [Release] Nyckelharpa, an HSM Extension

Would be great though if this could be added natively, as the Nyckelharpa work-around involves virtual contacts, and it would be much better if;

  1. HSM notified you something was left open
  2. Still armed with that caveat.

Specially over summer this seams like a pretty common scenario to want to Arm your house even if you have a window open, as many of us has motion sensors to complement that risk.


I have to agree in that HSM should arm despite anything is left open. Without the fact that I haven't looked at Nyckelharpa, this will be my own personal way to solve the problem... still includes a virtual switch though!

The HSM needs to be armed manually of course if this occurs... come to think of it, I might add that to the rule resetting the contacts with a short delay! :wink:

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Very interesting.
So what your rule does it force those specific devices to "closed" state.

And you believe via RM you could force HSM after a delay to re-arm? I love that idea.

Edit: The only thing I don't like about this solution is it leaves your "open" device in a false state.... but I guess that is better than not arming HSM.

Yes, the sensors will be forced to the closed state and I'd prefer to have at least the majority of these active compared to none. They will naturally be set to the correct state next time they are activated... by any of us hopefully!

A small addition to the rule I mentioned above could look like this for arming:

Agreed, but Nyckelharpa has 1 main advantage for me, the dang keypads, which never worked right in HE. Finally after loading the centralitex driver, I have my keypads working perfectly. Beeping when I want them too and not having stuck motion events that kill the batteries in a week.
I tried to get HE staff to fix the included keypad driver, but they said too many firmware versions out there to get it perfect.

To each his own, I guess.


The resetToClosed() command seems to be available only with Xiaomi AQara hardware contact sensor devices. It's a good solution to the HSM arming conundrum when using these devices, but will not work with my Samsung and Sengled contacts.

You are most likely correct, because that's what I'm using! :blush:

Ah, dang it.

Yeah, I don't have a keypad (errr, I do but as a part of my Ring Alarm), so am looking for the easiest route forward to solve for this. Sounds like I might still go the Nyckelharpa route then.

The Centralitex keypad driver does not support the Ring Keypad. However, the app works without a keypad, and supports Centralite style keypads using Hubitat's system drivers, so who knows, perhaps it will work with Hubitat's Ring Keypad driver?

Should you try it, please post your results.

Something I tested was if you don’t use the alarming alerts in HSM then it will still arm. When the open device closes, then reopens it will still trigger for intrusion.

I then used RM to create a custom alert message so I was still aware of the open sensor.


Having come from SmartThings where if a sensor was open the alarm would still arm I was surprised to find out that HSM in Hubitat works differently and it refuses the lock.

My HSM arms based on presence sensors and they take a while to trigger. I could be 5 minutes down the road when I find out that my alarm didn't turn on because an internal door was left open. (I use the internal door sensors as well as internal sensors in case an external sensor fails and someone manages to get in using that particular door/window)

I've seen the community option but ideally this would be implemented in HSM itself

I don't imagine it would be too much work for the Hubitat team to make the change to HSM. If a sensor is open, just arm anyway and ignore that sensor for the current armed session.

The question now is how we we convince the developers to make the change?
Now t


Good news is that this looks to be fixed in today's firmware release?? (I haven't installed it yet)!!

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