HSM failure to arm away due to open contact?

In my arm away scenerio I include all windows contact sensors. If a contact is open, does HSM go ahead and arm, or does it stop?

You can configure it to do either, I believe. It’s been a while since I’ve looked at my HSM setup.

Edit: never mind, not sure why I thought I had it configured differently on two hubs. It fails to arm but you can set a notification that it didn’t arm.

Interesting, is there a way around this?

There isn't. You could not include the devices in question in HSM if this is a common occurrence.

then set a rule to notify you if that particular contact sensor is open when your house arms.

It's an older one that loses its mind half the time. I'll move it to a different window and not include it. I'll work on the notification. Thanks.

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Yes use nyckelharpa app. Search the forum, it works perfect and has many other features

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