HSM Dashboard tile bug with color settings

I upgraded to on Tuesday. I upgraded from

I've noticed after the update that the HSM status tile in the dashboard is no longer using the color templates.

I have the HSM Template set to be green when disarmed, orange when armed home and red when armed away, however none of the colors now display. Below is the disarmed setting and i did make sure the All disarmed state was set as well.


Below shows the System is disarmed, but the text is not green.

Not sure if this is an issue or not, but thought I would go ahead and report it.

I suspect it's because the Background Color space is BLANK.

None of my other tiles have the background color set, though after changing it i found the following.

After a little more testing it seems that the tile will update the color if the state changes while displaying the dashboard. However if you use the browser refresh or on the initial load the color doesn't display for the current status.

I found in an earlier version the background color must be set for the foreground to change with the state. I set the background to the default gray color and everything works well.

I use rgba(64,64,64,1) for the background. Seems to match the default pretty well.


it does not appear to be related to the background color

I disabled some of my automation's so that i could quickly change the status without worrying about other rules triggering. The color change seems random. Some times the tile will change other times it doesn't. I've tried in Chrome, Edge and Silk. All three return the same results. All of the other tiles I'm using seem to work fine.

I have noticed the same thing on my IPad running current safari.

Seeing the same thing on Chrome on Windows.

I'm noticing this problem with a dashboard I just created, on the latest firmware

For the most part, the HSM tile won't change color at all even though the template colors have been set for the different states. Once, the tile did change color correctly when HSM was in armed-home; but then on the next dashboard refresh several seconds later, the color was gone. I tried creating a new dashboard and another HSM tile but that doesn't seem to make a difference.

I am also finding that my HSM tile doesn't refresh the state even when the rest of the dashboard tiles are updated, it takes a few minutes to reflect changes. Just like in this thread. Manually refreshing the whole page in the browser will update the HSM tile status too. There are no page update errors showing in the chrome console, and the parent dashboard app is subscribing to the mode and hsmstatus events.


Add me to the list. I was referred to this thread after my post on the same issue.

I've encountered the same issue. 1.7 Firmware, values for foreground and background. Tile not updating reliably. Starts out at defaults. When I change mode in dashboard ARM/DISARM sometimes it takes. When it takes the colors do update, but it reverts back to System Disarmed if I refresh my browser.


Hello to all! I'm a total newbie from Italy. I was trying to set up a new system and I'm stuck in the same problem.

I set up a Button to change the HSM status in the dashboard:

  1. when I hit the Button: the background color change without problems.

  2. the problem is the background color when I open the dashboard: the background color doesn't match the status after a browser refresh. That's annoying because I'm planning to use the hubitat dashboard on a wall-mounted-tablet.

My question:
Is the bug resolved now?

(I need to know if the bug is still going on OR if is my configuration that is wronged).

Thanks to all.

As far as I can tell the issue hasn't been resolved. I still see it with

I updated the post title to remove the version, as the problem is still occurring in Also retagged @patrick since there are others reporting the issue as well.

@patrick I have the same problem with the very latest release (, but it's a little more nuanced. I have my HSM colors set to white on lime green for Disarmed, white on red for Armed Away.

  • Initially HSM status is gray, text is "System Disarmed" (should be green)
  • I press a button set for "Arm Away"
  • HSM status turns green, text is "System Disarmed" (good)
  • 30 second arming timeout elapses
  • HSM status turns red, text is "Armed Away" (good)
  • Random time elapses
  • HSM status turns gray, text is "Armed Away" (should be green)

Between the arming timeout expiring and the pad turning red it will sometimes turn gray, and after arming it will sometimes cycle between gray and red several times before staying red. But eventually the HSM will always revert to gray, no matter what its actual state. The text is ALWAYS correct.

Refreshing the browser at any time always loses the 'custom' color, and this is substantially worse on phones and tablets connected over WiFi.

Oops, last comment for Armed Away should read "(should be RED)". Sorry.

I confirm the same issue: seems that colors are fine only if HSM changes state while dashboard it's open. Then when you close and reopen it, colors are gone.
@jlangston when "random time elapses" maybe you have closed the dashboard too?

@gabriele The scenario I reported was just sitting there with my tablet with the Dashboard open. The pads change color briefly (the the custom color I've set) when the state changes, but eventually will switch back to the default color (gray) every time.

The problem is less frequent on my desktop machine that's connected to the same Gigabit switch as the Hubitat, but it still happens - just takes minutes before it switches back to gray. Not having any sort of understanding of the internals of the system I can't even speculate on why that would be.

Having same issue, is there an ETA on a fix?

I can confirm I see the issue on

I can confirm the issue on

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