[How to] Wake up light (RuleMachine only, no scenes ect)

Here is an example to create a wake up light only with RuleMachnie. My example is set up for 30min and turns from red to orange to withe. It is pretty straight forward so there is no need for more words. Maybe I can add a video at some point.

Have fun!

(PS: I use coco hue to set the color wheel to 360 instead of the original 100 degrees for smoother color steps). You may have to implement some maths changes for your case.


Hi. excellent Idea. could you please export your rule and share it here please? many thanks.

Exporting a rule? how?

PS: I'm the OP, I just created a new account.

@caitlyn.shim Hi, I changed my account so I can't response with the OP account.
Let's figuere that out...

You have to put the Variable name like Bri in the field where you usually put in a nummber. I am at work at the moment but I am happy to help you later today.

We're you ever able to export this rule?

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