How to Factory Reset a Hubitat Elevation C7

I received a Hubitat Elevation C7 which apparently had be previously sold to another customer, returned, and used to fulfill my order. I cannot register the device to my email account because it is still associated with the email address of the previous buyer.

How can I do a factory reset to clear the previous data and register this device to me? Even thought I can locate the hub on my network, I cannot register it because I can't change the admin email address.

The registration isn't actually on the hub, so resetting the hub won't alleviate your issue. The original owner should deregister the hub.. but as a recipient of an Amazon blunder, there's probably not a useful path. (Amazon has repeatedly been given instructions by Hubitat to return all returns to Hubitat.. but clearly don't follow the instructions well.)

@support_team May be able to resolve this for you.

Normally a Hub would be de-registered here:

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Unfortunately, this wasn't an Amazon blunder. It was ordered directly from Hubitat. Order confirmation number is #MJT6TFRFK.

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FWIW, Amazon fulfills orders made on ……


Perhaps the blunder was relying on Amazon for order fulfillment... Amazon has caused Hubitat to have one very unhappy customer.

Yea, it happens. It makes us all sad.

I know I wish that everyone had the same amazing experience i've had and I'm on my 10th Hubitat hub. Five of them are retired now. I only have two C-8's and three C-7's powered these days.


Sorry for the troubles, please check the notifications in the upper right corner. I sent you a private message.


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