How to control LEDs on HELTUN touch panel switches?

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I have multiple HELTUN touch panel switches. Currently, I'm using another software and a USB Z-Wave stick to manage everything. I would like to try Hubitat because it does not require a subscription. I added two HELTUN switches to Hubitat. One model with 4 buttons and one with one single button.

There is a possibility to decouple the relay and a button so you can control the LED status and relay from the hub. In another software, you can do it right from the GUI or by sending a special Z-Wave command (a list of commands is available in HELTUN manual). And this is something I already configured and want to use with Hubitat.

So after I added my 4 button switch Hubitat created 4 subdevices. I assume that those are relays. If I click on them - my switch changes the colour of LED and opens/closes the relay. But I have no idea how to control LEDs from Hubitat. It did not create them as devices. Could you please assist?

Here is how it looks in my old software:

And in Hubitat it looks only like this. LED devices are missing:

Does it have to be like that or something is wrong?

Tagging @bcopeland, who writes many of the z-wave drivers.

When a device is on the compatible list, it means it’s been tested by Hubitat engineers and works with a built-in driver.

But it’s possible a built-in driver doesn’t expose all possible features of a device.


Thank you, @marktheknife !

@bcopeland :
in this topic I saw a community driver which exposes buttons, maybe that will help.

Did you try the community driver you posted a link to? Is there something wrong with it or is it missing something still?

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Hi @jtp10181

As far as I understand you can't use devices running on community drivers in Homekit. So I did not try it. Shall I test it?

AFAIK, that applies to virtual devices. Not zwave and zigbee devices.

Please try the community driver.

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Hi @aaiyar

I tried the community driver and I have an initial impression that it's working as expected. Will Hubitat merge it into an official one?

Hi @aaiyar

With the community driver InfluxDB logger no longer can see Temperature, humidity and illuminance sensors. Is it possible to do something with that?

Hi @aaiyar

Unfortunately, the community driver does not work with homekit :frowning:

I think its because they are using a user component driver. The main device being zwave would be allowed but the child devices would need to use a system driver to be permitted with homekit sharing. Seems sort of silly but they are trying their best to accommodate the restrictions imposed by Apple so it can be a certified Homekit hub.

It might be able to be adapted to use a system (child) driver instead of a custom one.


@jtp10181 What's the chance that the official driver will get the same functionality the custom driver has? I filed a feature request here.

I don't work for Hubitat but my personal opinion is the chance is very low. Especially if there is not a large group of people who all want the same thing.

The system zwave drivers tend to support basic functionality only and very rarely get any updates.

The best way to get what you want (homekit compatibility + button support) would be if the custom driver for the main device made use of built-in drivers for component devices.

Do I need to develop some code to do this?

The issue is still there. I found no workaround yet :frowning:

There are not any restrictions on what you can share with HomeKit as of hub firmware 2.3.6
The current integration app will remain "uncertified" and has no restrictions.

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