How do you request new features for a driver?


1 month ago I purchased Hubitat C8. I planned to use it with my Z-Wave Heltun switches but it seems that the official integration is not working properly. Half of the important functionality is simply missing. I've created a topic for this but there is no answer. In short - when I'm adding my switch to the hub it creates devices for relays but it does not create devices for LEDs and buttons.

I replied in your other thread.


It looks like what you need is to create a feature request, as it sounds like the driver is working as intended.

As a general rule, the built-in drivers may not cover every capability that a device offers, but rather the basic capabilities. For (more) advanced features, usually the community fills in the blanks for omitted capabilities, by developing a custom driver. If a missing feature is highly popular, then our engineers may consider enhancing the driver when the time permits.


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