Please add support for LED/buttons on Heltun switches


I discovered that the official support of Heltun touch panel switches is not full. When I add Heltun device to Hubitat it creates devices only for relays and sensors, but not for the LED/buttons. Because of that from Hubitat it's possible only to control relays but not the buttons/LEDs. Heltun device can be configured so the button is decoupled from the relay. By doing so you can use the button as a button which sends an event to Hubitat and then Hubitat based on rules triggers some actions. For example, with a decoupled button on the Heltun switch, I can turn on or off a group of different devices such as HUE lamps, relays or whatever else. You can also use the button as a status LED which shows the state of some device or group of devices.

I posted some details in this topic.

Community driver works in general, but it's not compatible with home kit integration and with influxdb logger (you can't collect data from temperature, humidity and illuminance sensors)

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